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Hyster S6.0FT diesel forklift truck

Carretilla elevadora diésel 6000Kg Hyster S6.0FT

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The S6.0FT forklift truck is ideal for indoor use due to its versatile design. It can be used in a wide variety of industries, such as metallurgy, stone, clay, glass and concrete among others, as well as for handling industrial and commercial machinery in spaces where space is at a premium. In addition, its load capacity and maneuverability make it an excellent choice for companies looking for an efficient and safe transportation solution for their warehouse or distribution center.

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6000 kg

Product Details
Engine type
Kubota 3.8L Diesel / PSI 4.3L LPG
Height Elevation
5.6 meters
Load capacity
6000 KG
Load Centre
600 mm
Turning radius
9531 KG

Reducing downtime is possible thanks to the technology applied to the Hyster internal combustion forklift truck

Hyster is a leading brand in terms of commitment to innovation and demonstrates this with its S6.0FT forklift truck with Variable Power Technology. This technology achieves, through performance mode settings, maximized productivity and fuel economy, resulting in greater efficiency and profitability for the industry in which it is deployed.

The VSM Pacesetter is another feature of Hyster technology that allows operators to adjust and optimize performance to their specific needs. In addition, DuraMatch™ transmissions include an Automatic Deceleration System, controlled reverse on ramps and controlled power reversal to move loads more efficiently and reduce operator fatigue while protecting product from damage.

The S6.0FT forklift offers multiple customization options to enhance productivity in your application. Available options include high-horsepower engines and high rendimiento.Con transmissions. With two available engine options, you can achieve greater fuel efficiency and carry more loads on a single tank. The VSM Pacesetter on-board industrial computer, allows you to fine-tune and optimize the truck's performance to realize its full potential.

The patented DuraMatch™ transmission provides innovative functionality, including an Automatic Deceleration System, controlled reverse on ramps and controlled power reversals. These features help move loads more efficiently, reducing operator fatigue and minimizing load damage.

Together, these customizable options help optimize truck productivity for specific applications in labor-intensive environments.

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