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Height Elevation
Load capacity
Mast type
Vista Plus Duplex / Vista Duplex / Vista Plus Triplex(1)
Height mast retracted
All are advantages

Machinery ready for use: All our machines are reviewed and inspected by our technicians.


Warranty: Now you can enjoy 6 months of warranty by contracting 1 year of maintenance.

Transport: Manage the transport yourself or let GAM take care of everything and we will bring your machine to you in less than a week. In both cases, the cost of transportation will be borne by the buyer.

Hyster Forklifts

At GAM we have a exclusive selection of Hyster forkliftshyster, the leading brand in the forklift market and one of the best known and most prestigious in the industry. If you need an equipment for lifting work, with Hyster you will not fail

We have a wide variety of Hyster forklift trucks with different featuresthe aim is for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and the type of work you are going to carry out. All of them will offer you the best performance

With innovative designs, the most advanced manufacturing technology and industrial strength in its components, hyster trucks and forklifts are the most reliable on the marketthe new, improved comfort during working hours will boost your productivity and improve your comfort during working hours

Hyster forklift truck features

We are aware that each customer has different needs, at GAM we have different types of Hyster forklifts availableso that you can choose the most suitable one

  • Hyster electric forklifts

We have hyster electric forklifts from 1300 to 5500 kgthe three- and four-wheeled trucks, both three and four-wheeled, are perfect for lifting loads indoors. Much quieter, as they do not use fuel of any kind, they are totally environmentally friendly

  • Hyster diesel or LPG forklift trucks

You will be able to get a 1600 to 9000 kg Hyster diesel or LPG forklift truck that will give you maximum performance. Powerful and resistant, they are the best choice for the most demanding outdoor jobs

  • Hyster heavy-duty forklifts

We also have hyster heavy duty forkliftsdesigned to handle the most intensive jobs. With load capacities ranging from 8000 to 48000 kg, they offer high productivity, reliability, incredible fuel efficiency and exceptional comfort

  • Hyster reach trucks

Robust, reliable, intelligent and efficient, hyster reach trucks are lightweight and offer high efficiencythey are perfect for pallet handling in narrow aisles thanks to their compact size and easy operation. Hyster reach trucks are available from 1000 to 2500 kg

  • Hyster trilateral forklifts

The hyster trilateral forklifts are specifically designed to operate in very narrow aisles. They are robust and thanks to their quadrangular shapes, they offer one of the fastest transits in the industry. We have models from 1000 to 1500 kg

why buy Hyster forklifts at GAM?

GAM is official distributor of Hyster forkliftswe will offer you a quality service, totally personalized, through the more than 54 branches and dealers that we have throughout the country, where we can assist you, advise you and solve any possible doubts

With a high level of experience in the sector, at GAM you will be able to buy Hyster forklift trucks at the most competitive pricewith the guarantee of buying from an official distributor of one of the leading brands in machinery

Hyster forklift trucks for sale: All the advantages of GAM

At GAM we are specialized in the sale of Hyster forklift truckswe have one of the largest catalogs you can find in our country, with a multitude of different forklift models that will adapt to your needs and offer you the best results

If you are interested in buy a Hyster forklift truckcontact us and we will offer you the attention and advice you need.

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