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All are advantages

Machinery ready for use: All our machines are reviewed and inspected by our technicians.


Warranty: Now you can enjoy 6 months of warranty by contracting 1 year of maintenance.

Transport: Manage the transport yourself or let GAM take care of everything and we will bring your machine to you in less than a week. In both cases, the cost of transportation will be borne by the buyer.

Frequency inver ters are an important component of electric motors, whose main function is to control their rotation speed and make a more efficient use of energy sources, as well as to reduce the wear and tear of machines, vehicles and industrial equipment.

At GAM you will have access to a wide range of drives. Key products to upgrade outdated components of your machinery or replace them in case of failure.

In addition, we strive every day to offer you top quality products at competitive prices. That is why we only use products manufactured by the world's leading logistics and industrial product companies.

Don't miss this opportunity and get your frequency inverters at GAM: a leading industrial services and solutions company in our country.

Characteristics of our inverters

At GAM we have a wide range of variable speed drives for electric motors, compatible with a large number of vehicles and industrial machinery: forklifts, platforms, mini-excavators..

Thanks to the installation of these products you will be able to optimize the operation of any equipment, extend its life, reduce maintenance costs and achieve greater energy efficiency. What more could you ask for?

In addition, all the products available in our catalog come from leading brands in the industry, such as Haul, Atlet or Jungheinrich. And they are subjected to the most exhaustive reviews and quality controls by our experts.

All this, in exchange for a really low price, since in our online platform you can get your frequency inverters from only 70 €.

Don't settle for the minimum when you can have the best. Trust GAM and squeeze the maximum potential of your business.

Advantages of buying variable frequency drives at GAM

At GAM, our customers are our priority. That's why we are committed to a convenient and intuitive purchasing process, as well as a complete customer support and advice system.

Purchasing variable speed drives in our e-commerce is, as you will see, very simple: click on the product you want, add it to the cart and complete the payment when you are ready. That's all.

Once your order is ready, we will ship the products to the specified address, ready for installation.

Each of the frequency inverters in our catalog includes its specifications and data sheet, although you can always contact our customer service if you have any questions or need help choosing the items compatible with your machines and industrial tools.

Bet on GAM and take advantage of one of the service and industrial solutions companies with the longest professional trajectory, with more than 20 years of experience behind us!

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