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Machinery ready for use: All our machines are reviewed and inspected by our technicians.


Warranty: Now you can enjoy 6 months of warranty by contracting 1 year of maintenance.

Transport: Manage the transport yourself or let GAM take care of everything and we will bring your machine to you in less than a week. In both cases, the cost of transportation will be borne by the buyer.

Electrical cables and hoses are the conductive fabric that power your industrial machinery equipment and allow it to function. They are responsible for the safe and efficient transfer of electrical energy in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Aware of their importance, at GAM we offer a wide selection of hoses with electrical cable of the most recognized brands, such as Manitou, Haulotte or Liebherr, which guarantee the highest quality and will keep your equipment in perfect operation, offering the highest performance.

Characteristics of our electric hoses

An electric hose is an essential component in electrical and control systems, and it is essential that it is in good condition to ensure the highest performance and avoid any safety problems.

An electrical cable hose is designed to carry electrical current, data or control signals between different components of a machine. They are versatile and are used in a wide variety of applications, from the construction industry to manufacturing and logistics.

At GAM we have a wide variety of electrical cables and hoses in different sizes and materials to meet every customer's needs. Our electrical hoses are used in diverse environments, from heavy machinery to industrial automation systems. They offer advantages such as flexibility, wear resistance and adequate insulation to ensure safe electrical and data handling.

Advantages of buying electrical hose from GAM

Given its importance, buying the right hose with electrical cable is essential to maintain the efficiency and safety of your equipment, since not using the right hose could affect the performance of your equipment, causing safety risks.

These are some of the main advantages of buying an electric hose at GAM, one of the most demanded spare parts:

  • Wide variety: we have an extensive selection of the highest quality electrical cables and hoses. Whatever your application, we have the right hose for you.
  • Personalized advice: our specialized technicians are at your disposal to give you personalized advice. If you have any doubts or need help choosing the right hose, we are here to answer them.
  • Value for money: at GAM we value quality without sacrificing accessibility. Therefore, on our website you will find the most competitive price of electric hose, being able to get it without having to make a high disbursement.
  • Online purchase: we want to make things easy for you, so you can buy electric hoses online, directly through our website without having to travel.

In short, at GAM you will find the largest collection of hoses and electrical cables. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, so you can find the best solution for your equipment and your needs, always guaranteeing the highest performance. Your success is our goal.

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