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Sobre GAM Online.

GAM online es nuestro portal de maquinaria, donde podrás tanto comprar como vender tus máquinas. Además, somos distribuidores de maquinaria nueva con marcas referentes en el mercado, sin olvidarnos de la subasta de GAM y de una amplia sección de repuestos para prolongar la vida útil de tus equipos.


En GAM Online contamos con la mejor maquinaria de ocasión, con una gran variedad de equipos para diferentes sectores. En nuestro portal podrás encontrar las mejores marcas y filtrar por modelo, año o ubicación. Descubre en pocos clics todo nuestro stock.

Lifting machinery

Diesel and electric platforms and scissors lifts, telescopic platform lifts, one-person or telescopic truck-mounted lifts.

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Industrial machinery

Electric and diesel counter-balanced forklifts, retractable forklifts, stacker trucks, pick-and-carry trucks and pallet trucks.

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Diesel generators with various KVAs.

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Materials handling machinery with frontal manipulators or TT trucks.

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Other equipment

Heavy machinery, trucks, cranes, etc.

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We are official distributors of the best brands of new machinery on the market: Hyster, Magni, Valla, Oil&Steel, Bravi, Mobilev and Utilev.

GAM Online holds 4 auctions of industrial machinery per year, where you can find the equipment you need at the best price. All machinery that we auction is serviced and ready for use. Here, you can find a wide variety of machines from leading manufacturers: platforms, scissors, telescopic, forklifts, generators, manipulators, trucks, tractor trucks, backhoes, loaders, mixed use, etc.
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The online portal also has a large choice of spare parts so you can continue to work every day without setbacks; we have everything from batteries to keep your machines running to wheels, connectors, joysticks, etc. Delivery to Spain, Portugal and the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. For delivery of our spare parts to other countries, contact us on 902 230 022.

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