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Machinery ready for use: All our machines are reviewed and inspected by our technicians.


Warranty: Now you can enjoy 6 months of warranty by contracting 1 year of maintenance.

Transport: Manage the transport yourself or let GAM take care of everything and we will bring your machine to you in less than a week. In both cases, the cost of transportation will be borne by the buyer.

The spray loosener will become your best ally for the maintenance of your industrial machinery equipment, allowing you to loosen and unblock those jammed or corroded components, facilitating the technicians' labor and reducing downtime.

Very useful for both lubricating and unblocking all types of mechanisms, even rusted and seized ones. At GAM, we have a wide range of loosening sprays in which you will find the product you need, which will provide you with the highest quality and will allow you to guarantee the maximum performance of each of your equipments.

If you want to buy loosening spray, discover all the options you have to choose from and place your order at the best price. What are you waiting for?

Features of our loosening spray for industrial machinery

The aflojatodo spray is a very versatile product that stands out for being a solution formulated to penetrate and release corroded or jammed components, such as screws, nuts, bolts and mechanical parts in general.

The spray application of the loosener makes it especially convenient, fast and effective, allowing it to reach hard-to-reach areas in a simple and precise manner.

The spray loosener reduces the need to apply excessive force or use power tools to unlock components, minimizing the risk of damaging machinery or suffering any type of injury.

You will be able to use the aerosol loosener to:

  • Unlock components: effectively loosen and release components that would otherwise be difficult to move.
  • Reduce machinery downtime: by speeding up the maintenance and repair process, our loosening spray reduces machinery downtime, resulting in increased operational efficiency.
  • Protect machinery: the formulation of our loosening spray not only loosens components, but also helps protect against corrosion, keeping equipment in optimal condition for the long term.

Advantages of buying GAM's spray loosener

At GAM, we offer you multiple advantages when you buy loosening spray through our online store. We have a wide selection of the highest quality aerosol sprays, allowing you to choose the most suitable product to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a general loosener or a specific one, you will find it at GAM.

We offer you a highly competitive price, allowing you to have access to the highest quality products without having to spend a lot of money. We assure you that you will get a quality product at an unbeatable price.

In addition, at GAM we offer you specialized advice to help you find the most suitable spray loosener depending on the type of machinery in which you are going to apply it, showing you recommendations that will help you to choose and, above all, to get it right.

At GAM we have the largest catalog of loosening sprays on the market, where you can access the best brands and the most competitive prices, and you can place your order directly through our website, without having to travel and receiving it comfortably at the address you have indicated.

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