Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber
Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber

Tennant T7+ ride-on floor scrubber

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The T7+ ride-on floor scrubber is perfect for scrubbing large and small floor areas, ideal for most environments. This machine has the innovative ec-H2O NanoClean™ scrubbing technologies, which reduce water and detergent consumption. 

The T7+ offers excellent performance, with freshly mopped floors that are clean, dry and safe for traffic in seconds. 

Main characteristics



910 mm
471 KG


Tennant T7+, safe and productive cleaning

The Tennant T7+ scrubber helps to create a clean and safe environment by removing detergent from the scrubber and using up to 70% less water with ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology. 

Clean silently in environments that are sensitive to noise with a noise level of 67 dBa. Improves environmental health in customers' facilities since hygienic tanks can be accessed easily for quick cleaning, reducing bacteria and mould that can proliferate in dirty tanks. 

The T7+ has been designed to ensure safety and minimise accident risk due to slips or falls thanks to ec-H2O technology.

NanoClean™, leaves floors dry, clean and safe. 

With an ergonomic design, cleaning is more comfortable for the operator, reducing fatigue and increasing work productivity. Due to clear viewing angles and simple controls, the operator can focus exclusively on cleaning operations. 

This machine requires simple daily maintenance and is easy to handle. The yellow maintenance points are quickly identified, saving time and reducing costs.

The easy-to-identify yellow maintenance points help to save time, as they ensure that operators check all points so that the scrubber is correctly protected and maintained. 

Tennant T7+, benefits and main features

  • The Tennant T7+ helps to create a safe and productive cleaning experience. Here are some of the benefits and features of this ride-on scrubber:
  • Operators focus exclusively on cleaning tasks thanks to simple controls and clear visible angles. 
  • Conveniently sized, this scrubber fits into tight spaces such as driveways and elevators. 
  • The self-adjusting parabolic squeegee system improves solution recovery by providing the rubber with the optimum angle for drier floors and reducing the risk of slipping and falling. 
  • Time and cost savings thanks to the easy-to-identify yellow maintenance points, which ensure that all the points are checked and that the machine is correctly protected and maintained. 
  • It has a 110-litre Hygenic® tank that is very easy to clean, reducing bacteria, mould and bad odours. 
  • The scrubber is perfectly suited to cleaning requirements with two width options of 65 and 80 cm respectively. 
  • Perfect for cleaning in noise-sensitive places with 67 dBA.