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Hyster S1.0E pallet stacker

1000kg Hyster S1.0e electric stacker

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The walk-behind stacker for high lift is an indispensable tool for any industry that requires handling loads up to 1,000 kg. Its rugged, easy-to-control design makes it the best choice for working in tight spaces and for fast load placement.

The Hyster S1.0E stacker is the best in the industry for efficiency and performance. It is essential for warehouse operations, order picking, kitting or assembly operations, production processes, line feed operations and cold storage.

In short, the high lift pedestrian stacker is an essential tool for any company that needs to handle heavy loads efficiently and safely.

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1000 kg

Product Details

General features

1815 mm
790 mm
1750 mm
790 KG
Height Elevation
3.58 meters
Load capacity
1000 KG

Low power consumption to keep operating costs under control

The combination of sealed connectors and high levels of protection on electrical components is essential to ensure total system reliability. The Hyster S1.0E operator stacker is designed to allow quick and efficient service interventions thanks to its quick-removal covers. The transmission also benefits from sealed for life protection, which further increases the reliability of the equipment. Finally, the service interval for the hydraulic oil and filter change is 3000 hours, which translates into long, uninterrupted work.

With the Hyster S1.0E stacker, load capacities of up to 1.2 tons can be achieved with low cost and highly reliable performance. This compact pallet stacker is an excellent choice for improving efficiency in low-level storage and retrieval operations.

The Hyster stacker features excellent visibility, allowing for fast load placement and management. In terms of design, the machine allows for easy handling and turning in aisles with very limited space. The equipment is available with 1-stage FFL (Total Free Lift) and 2-stage NFL (No Free Lift) masts, and the forks can be adjusted to an ergonomic height for more comfortable order picking and preparation.

In terms of consumption, the pedestrian stacker has low energy consumption, which helps to keep operating costs under control. In addition, the equipment offers several customizable options, such as keypad access, cold storage versions, various load and drive wheel options, grid, load support, Hyster Tracker system and many more. In this way, you can tailor the equipment to your specific business needs and improve your efficiency.

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