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Hyster S1.6SIL

Electric Stacker 1600kg Hyster S1.6Sil

The Hyster S1.6S IL electric pallet stacker is a rugged and versatile machine designed for material handling applications in confined spaces. With a load capacity of up to 1.6 tons, this pallet stacker is ideal for truck loading and unloading, as well as medium and high rack material handling.

The Hyster S1.6S IL features a high-efficiency AC motor that provides smooth handling performance and increased durability. In addition, it has a number of integrated safety features, such as an anti-skid platform, an automatic parking brake and a reversing alarm to enhance operator and job site safety.

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The Hyster S1.6S IL electric stacker is a powerful and versatile load handling solution designed to bring efficiency and productivity to your workplace. With an exceptional load capacity of up to 1600 kg, this electric stacker is ideal for a wide variety of applications in warehouses, factories and distribution centers.

This electric stacker stands out for its superior performance. Equipped with an efficient electric motor, it offers the power needed to handle heavy loads efficiently and accurately. Its agile maneuverability and speed allow for efficient and fast operation, resulting in increased productivity and reduced working times.

Safety is a key priority in the design of the Hyster S1.6S IL. It incorporates advanced safety features, such as effective braking systems and intuitive controls, to ensure the protection of the operator and the load being handled. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you are operating in a safe environment.

Durability is another outstanding feature of this stacker. The Hyster brand is known for its commitment to quality and endurance, and the S1.6S IL is no exception. Its rugged construction and use of high-quality materials ensure a long service life and lasting strength in demanding environments.

In addition, the Hyster S1.6S IL is environmentally friendly thanks to its energy efficiency. Its optimized design reduces energy consumption and emissions, which not only benefits the planet, but can also help you reduce your operating costs over time.

The Hyster S1.6S IL Electric Stacker is the perfect choice for those looking for superior performance, safety and durability in their load handling operations. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to load handling; trust Hyster and experience the difference with the S1.6S IL on your job site. Elevate your operations to a new level with this impressive machine.

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Product Details

General features

1267 KG
Height Elevation
2,8 meters
Load capacity
1600 KG
Battery Capacity
24V / 315-375Ah | Li-ion 24V / 300Ah(V/Ah)
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