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Hyster E2.5XN electric forklift truck

Carretilla elevadora eléctrica Hyster E2.5XN

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The Hyster® E2.5XN electric forklift truck, capable of carrying up to 2,500 kg of load, offers numerous advantages to reduce costs and improve efficiency in any application. With its safe operation and lower energy consumption, this machine increases productivity and reduces downtime. In addition, its ergonomic design improves operator comfort, which translates into higher productivity.

Suitable for indoor applications in the logistics, food and beverage, manufacturing, wood and automotive industries.

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2500 kg

Product Details
Height Elevation
6 meters
Load capacity
2500 KG
Load Centre
500 mm
Turning radius
Battery Capacity
80V / 375Ah(V/Ah)
4710 KG

Cutting-edge technology in the E2.5XN series to reduce downtime out of service

The latest generation E2.5XN electric forklift truck is optimized for daily performance using state-of-the-art components, high durability and intelligent design. All this translates into less downtime for service interventions. Standard AC traction and hydraulic motors set the standard in maintenance, significantly reducing maintenance requirements. The thermal management system developed by Hyster optimizes performance in continuous operation and protects components against potential heat damage.

Reduced downtime:

The two-piece steel floor plate is easily removable for quick access to maintenance tasks without the need for additional tools.Operator checks are further simplified by the removable floor plate that requires no tools.Implementation of CANbus communications simplifies the wiring and maintenance process.On-board diagnostics reduce repair time and costs, avoiding costly part replacements.Battery access is further facilitated by the gas spring assisted hood and quick release handle.

Low operating costs:

The E2.5XN forklift reduces your cost of operation by providing higher productivity, lower energy consumption, advanced operating safety and reduced maintenance costs.

According to the VDI Standardized Energy Cycle Test, the Hyster E2.2-3.5XN series, of which this model is a part, consumes less energy than the E2.5XN

series, to which this model belongs, consumes the least amount of energy compared to its competitors. In addition, the VSM (Vehicle System Controller) Pacesetter allows the truck's performance to be customized to suit the needs of the operation being carried out.

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