BRAVI Spin-GO order picker...
BRAVI Spin-GO order picker...
BRAVI Spin-GO order picker platform
BRAVI Spin-GO order picker platform
BRAVI Spin-GO order picker...
BRAVI Spin-GO order picker...

BRAVI Spin-GO order picker platform

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Bravi's Spin-Go order picker platform is an innovative product with manual push and electric lift that optimises space, avoiding problems in retrieving goods from shelves. 

Main characteristics

Engine type

General features

Working Height
4,168 meters

Industry features

Battery Capacity

Lifting characteristics

Platform Height
2.168 meters


730 mm


The BRAVI Spin-Go order picker platform, with manual traction and electric lift, assists in order picking and stock replenishing. This equipment is ideal for replacing the traditional ladders used in businesses, warehouses, hypermarkets, shopping centres, offices, libraries and archives. 

Simple and very compact, it makes the best use of available space and can access any corner, reaching goods and packages located at height with extraordinary safety and maximum comfort. 

It can reach a maximum height of 4.17 metres in just a few seconds simply by pressing a button and it has an adjustable shelf directly from the position of the machines in which products or tools up to 90 kg can be placed. 

The dimensions of the Spin-Go are 73 cm wide, 115 cm wide and a light weight of 280 kg. 

Why choose the BRAVI Spin-Go?

  • The Spin-Go platform supports up to 90 kg and is electrically adjustable. It can be moved quickly and lifts the operator and materials to the desired height. 
  • This versatile equipment can load additional material on the transport platform in the hood, up to 113 kg.  It also maximises the use of space vertically, doubling the number of items available more immediately. 
  • The operator's safety is guaranteed as the platform wheels always brake. By simply pressing the brake release switch, the platform can be pushed extremely easily to the working point. 
  • With a simple and compact design, all operations for filling shelves, setting up and cleaning the room can be carried out safely and with maximum comfort.