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Tennant F3 + single-disc machine (interrupted)

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The durable Tennant F3+ single-disc machine silently scrubs, polishes and strips floors thanks to its easy-to-use ergonomic controls. The F3+ is suitable for applications such as shopping centres, healthcare, office buildings, hospitality, educational facilities and contracts. 

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Product Details
36,5 KG

Quiet wide area rotary for cleaning on wet and dry surfaces and preparing floors. 

The Tennant F3+ rotary is a multi-purpose machine, very comfortable to use, suitable for use on various types of floors. Effortlessly removes all types of dirt and completely restores coating damage such as rubber fingerprints and very stubborn stains. 

Thanks to its brushes or pads and a wide range of accessories, the versatile Tennant F3+ is ideal for scrubbing, polishing, removing polish and intensively cleaning industrial floors.

Tennant F3 single-disc machine

  • Quiet and comfortable operation for working in noise sensitive environments as low as 59 dBA. 
  • Clean harsh environments in factories and industry thanks to the durable, heavy-duty design of the F3+. 
  • The F3+ single-disc machine can be used almost anywhere to polish, scrub and strip a wide range of floor surfaces. 
  • Fully professional-looking glossy floors thanks to the 165 rpm rotary. 
  • High-quality floor cleaning performance provided by the pad's 38.5 g/cm2 downward pressure.
  • Increase operator safety and comfort thanks to the ergonomically designed handle and double safety switch.
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