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Different ways to bid in our GAM Auction

3 ways to bid
for the best machinery

We offer you three bidding methods: direct, fast or automatic. Choose the one that best suits your needs and, if you win, we will inform you about the lot won and the amount for which you purchased it.

How does direct bidding work?

To participate in the GAM auction, you must register correctly on our website and make the payment of the deposit. You must also accept our terms and conditions.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to enter the amount you wish to bid for the equipment of your interest. You have the option of bidding from the team page, where you will find all the necessary information, or from the list that provides the most relevant details.

When entering the bid amount, be sure to include the desired amount while respecting the minimum increment. This figure must be entered without points or letters, only the exact amount.

How does quick bidding work?

At GAM we have various types of bids to simplify the auction process. The quick bid mode allows you to select the desired amount from the options presented on the screen.

You only need to click on the amount you prefer from the three options provided in the quick bid, eliminating the need to enter an amount manually.

How does automatic bidding work?

If you are clear about how much you are willing to invest in the machine of interest, automatic bidding is your best option.

With automatic bidding, you can set the maximum price you are willing to pay and the system will automatically bid on your behalf.

This way, you will automatically receive email notifications with updated information on the status of your bids, without having to constantly access the page to bid again.

Did you know that in our auctions, in addition to buying, you can sell your machines?

Sell the machinery you no longer use through GAM auctions and maximize its value. Take advantage of our extensive network of clients and contacts in the industry, our visibility and years of experience in the purchase and sale of equipment. Furthermore, at GAM we take care of the entire marketing process so that you can obtain an economic return safely and efficiently.

You will get the best offers

Add your machines to the GAM auction catalog and increase the chances of finding interested buyers. Our network of contacts in the industry will help you get the best offers.

We take care of everything

We take care of the entire auction process for your machines, from promotion to transaction management. Don't worry while you get the best economic return for your used equipment.

Full control over the sale

GAM machinery auctions integrate your machines in a personalized way. We take your opinion into account when making decisions and when setting up the conditions of sale.


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How to bid in the GAM Auction?

Remember that in order to bid you have to be registered on the portal. Register here.

In the following video we explain the entire process so that you can participate and bid in our auction.

Our machinery​
selection of the highest quality

The used machines that appear in our online auctions are subjected to a series of tests and meet all the requirements to be able to offer you the maximum guarantee of quality. Save time and worries, we take care of all the management.

Online auction
and open auction

GAM auctions are held openly and any user can follow them through the web. However, remember that to participate it is necessary to be registered and deposit a deposit of €1,000 in order to guarantee security during the purchase and payment processes.

Bid online​
from any device

Fast and easy. Register and create your account to access all the advantages of GAM online shopping. You can follow your bids from anywhere in the world, from your mobile phone, tablet or from the office. Additionally, our auction service is available in English and Spanish.

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One week to go until the GAM auction!

Get ready to bid on the best used machinery.

From 08/25 to 09/14.








The GAM Auction is here!

From 08/25 to 09/14, the GAM auction returns with the best used machinery. The most anticipated event is back!

The GAM Auction,
Last days!

The GAM auction ends on 09/14. Bid here to get the best machinery.

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