How to bid?

The whole process of how-to-bid in our auction in indicated hereunder, step by step and accompanied by a video, in order to avoid your doubts when bidding.

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How to bid?

The whole process of how-to-bid in our auction in indicated hereunder, step by step and accompanied by a video, in order to avoid your doubts when bidding.


1. Register on our website at the following link with the information below: Name and surname or company name; NIF or CIF; Location, email address and telephone number.

2. Accept the terms and conditions and validate the email to receive our newsletter.

3. Once the email is confirmed, you will received a message with factual information for bidding: you must pay a deposit of €1,000 through a bank card or bank transfer in order to participate in the auction. Once the payment has been made and confirmed, you can already bid in the auction.

4. Inside each machine, you have all the information on: extensive photographic report of each machine, documentation, summary of the status and videos of the operation. In addition to a downloadable pdf with the information of the equipment given. You also have an email and a contact page to ask any questions or arrange a previous visit bid.

5. Once you are bidding, you will receive a message where it is reminded the need of paying the deposit of €1,000 to bid in our auction, in case you had not done it during the registration process.

6. When bidding, there exists 3 types of bids so you can use the option that best suits you. They are the following; Direct bid: insert the amount you are interested in bidding and automatically increase the price on the web. Quick bid: select the amount you want to bid in just one click. Automatic bid: you leave a set amount and if someone exceeds it, it automatically surpasses it again.

7. Once each bid is made, you will receive an email informing that you are the highest bidder at that point and whether you have reached the reserve price or not. If you have not reached this reserve price, you must continue bidding until you reach it. At the moment that the price is reached, if nobody else bid for that particular machine until the end of the auction, you will be the winner of this one.

8. If after a bid, you receive an email indicating that you have been exceeded on the reserve price, you must re-bid by the desired machine in case you are interested in buy the machine. You will receive these notices whenever you have exceeded the bidding machine.

9. On the day that the auction ends, whenever you have bid for any machine you will receive an email informing if you are the winner of the auction or if you have not buy the equipment. If you result to be the winner, the email will inform you that you are, and the amount in which you have purchased the machine.

10. Successively, you will receive another email with the proforma invoice attached, including: registered data and the total amount of your purchase.

11. If you have any further questions about how to bid on our website, click here on terms and conditions or check our FAQ section.

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Used machinery

Find out more in our used machinery section: lifting equipment such as diesel and electric platforms and scissor platforms, industrial or interior machinery, generator sets at various power rates, compressors, handling equipment and excavators, also other types of equipment, such as heavy machinery, cranes, trucks, and much more..

Wide experience

GAM is a multinational company with a long track record of specialising in machinery, and has a large range of complex solutions for industry. including buying, selling and distributing equipment. We work with our customers to find a solution to any of their needs concerning machinery.

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We will help you sell your machines, our experience in logistics and transport means that we can also move machines to and from anywhere. If you are interested in selling machinery, or buying any of our used equipment, we are on hand to guide you through the steps.

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We are specialists in lifting, handling, industry and energy, but we also provide our customers with any type of machine they need. In addition, we work with the best names on the market, and are exclusive distributors for Hyster, Magni, Bravi, Valla, Oil&Steel, Logitrans, Movilev, VLX, Tennant and Tecnacar.

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