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Hyster H3.5A diesel forklift truck

3500KG HYTER H3.5A diesel lift truck

The H3.5A internal combustion forklift truck with pneumatic tire wheels is a solution designed to fit the specific needs of your business and your operators. With exceptional visibility and an operator-centric design, the Hyster forklift truck offers comfort, high performance and productivity with low cost of ownership. It also features operator assist technology and the optional Dynamic Stability System (DSS).

Whether you choose the diesel or LPG model, the Hyster H3.5A provides exceptional reliability, with uninterrupted uptime of up to three and a half tons of payload. These trucks are fuel efficient and easy to maintain, supported by Hyster aftermarket aftermarket parts and accessories.

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High performance, customizable H3.5A forklift truck for a wide range of applications

Hyster forklift trucks of the H2.0-3.5A series can be deployed in industries such as automotive manufacturing, ports and container terminals among others. The efficiency and reliability of this equipment is critical to maintaining productivity and material flow in these critical industries.

The Hyster H3.5A diesel or LPG forklift truck is the most powerful in its class offering a perfect balance of comfort, low cost and high performance with the ability to carry loads up to 3.5 tons. This forklift truck guarantees uninterrupted activity for long periods of time. In addition, thanks to their high quality, these trucks are reliable, fuel efficient and easy to maintain, which translates into a lower total cost of ownership. With the support of the Hyster aftermarket, which offers high quality parts and accessories, these trucks will have a long service life and lasting value for businesses.

In the materials handling industry, safety is paramount. That's why Hyster has the option of equipping the Hyster H3.5A A-Series truck with the Dynamic Stability System (DSS). This maintenance-free system reduces the possibility of rollovers and reminds operators of safe operating practices by monitoring operating conditions and automatically limiting truck functionality when potentially unsafe conditions are detected. With DSS, operators can feel safer and more confident while handling heavy loads, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

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Product Details

General features

3813 mm
1353 mm
2692 mm
6470 KG
Engine type
Kubota 3.8L Diesel / Kubota 3.8L LPG
Height Elevation
8.07 meters
Load capacity
3500 KG
Load Centre
500 mm
Turning radius
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