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Rotating telescopic handler 10.37

Manipulador telescópico giratorio 37M 10000Kg Magni 10.37

RTH 10.37
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The Magni 10.37 Telescopic Rotating Manipulator is a versatile machine designed for lifting and handling applications in industrial and construction environments. With a lifting capacity of up to 10,000 kg and a maximum reach of 37 meters, this manipulator offers exceptional performance. Its 360-degree slewing capability allows unrestricted access to difficult work areas. Equipped with all-terrain tires and a powerful engine, it can move efficiently over varied terrain.

The operator's cab is ergonomically designed for comfort and optimal visibility. Intuitive controls and advanced stabilization technology make lifting operations safe and precise. The electronic control system allows smooth and precise adjustment of load position. In addition, features such as four-wheel steering and multiple optional attachments enhance the machine's versatility and adaptability to various tasks.

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37 m

10000 kg

Product Details
RTH 10.37
Engine type
Volvo TAD 583 VE Stage V
Motor Power (KW)
175 kW (238 hp) at 2,300 rpm
Height Elevation
37 meters
Load capacity
10000 KG
9,95 mm
2,54 mm
33.800 KG
Maximum range
30,50 meters
in Scissors
Load capacity at maximum height
8000 KG
Ground clearance
340 mm
Hydraulic flow
170 l/min
No. of gears
Hydraulic system
350 bar (Load Sensing)
Travel speed
25 km/h
Climate control as standard

The Magni 10.37 Telescopic Rotary Handler stands as a leader in the lifting and handling industry thanks to its innovative design and superior performance capabilities. Meticulously designed to meet the challenges of industrial and construction environments, this equipment offers an exceptional combination of strength, reach and maneuverability.

With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 10,000 kg and a maximum reach of 37 meters, the Magni 10.37 is a powerhouse in terms of lifting and handling heavy and bulky loads. Its 360-degree slewing feature provides unmatched freedom of movement, allowing operators to access hard-to-reach places with ease. This is essential in construction projects, material handling and other applications that require precision and efficiency in confined spaces.

The operator's cab has been designed with comfort and safety in mind. With intuitive controls and an ergonomic layout, operators can maneuver the machine with ease and confidence. In addition, advanced stabilization technology ensures safe and precise lifting, minimizing the risks associated with heavy loads in motion.

The ability to precisely adjust the position of the load is made possible by the electronic control system, which allows for smooth and gradual movement. The all-terrain tires and powerful engine provide the traction and power needed to tackle a variety of terrains and working conditions.

The Magni 10.37 stands out not only for its lifting capacity and reach, but also for its versatility. With features such as four-wheel steering and a range of optional attachments, this handler adapts to a wide range of tasks and applications. From construction to the agricultural industry, its adaptability makes it an essential tool in a variety of fields.

In conclusion, the Telescopic Rotary Handler Magni 10.37 is a handling and lifting solution that combines robustness with precision in a highly functional package. Its operator-centric design, advanced technical capabilities and versatility make it a valuable investment for companies looking to optimize their lifting and handling operations.

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