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Transpaleta batería de litio conductor a pie Hyster PC1.5 DOBLE BATERÍA

Lithium drum transpallet Hyster PC1.5 Double battery

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The Hyster PC1.5 dual battery lithium battery pallet truck is an advanced material handling solution. With a load capacity of 1,500 kg and a dual capacity lithium battery, this pallet truck offers exceptional performance in a wide variety of industrial applications. Its compact design and maneuverability make it ideal for tight spaces, and the durability of the battery ensures a long service life. Safety is also a priority with features such as regenerative braking and reduced cornering speed system. This Hyster pallet truck is a smart investment to optimize productivity and safety in your material handling operation.

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1500 kg

Product Details

General features

1622 mm
550 mm
120 KG
Engine type
Load capacity
1500 KG
Lift Height (Industry)
115 mm
Load Centre
600 mm

The Hyster PC1.5 dual battery lithium battery pallet truck is the perfect choice for companies looking for an advanced and efficient material handling solution. With a load capacity of 1,500 kg, this electric pallet truck is capable of handling a wide variety of loads in industrial and commercial environments.

One of the most outstanding features of the Hyster PC1.5 dual battery is its dual capacity lithium battery. This means it can operate longer on a single charge, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. The lithium battery is also known for its longer service life and higher efficiency compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.

Maneuverability is essential in congested work environments, and this pallet truck is designed to deliver exceptional performance in tight spaces. With its compact design and smooth turning capability, operators can move with ease and precision, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of damage to the load or the working environment.

Safety is a top priority in the design of the Hyster PC1.5 dual battery. It is equipped with advanced safety features, such as regenerative braking to improve braking stability and a reduced cornering speed system to prevent dangerous skidding. This ensures that operators can work safely and efficiently at all times.

Versatility is also a key feature of this pallet truck. It comes with a variety of options and attachments that allow you to tailor it to the specific needs of your application. From width adjustable forks to lift options, this pallet truck can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

The Hyster PC1.5 dual battery is a high performance lithium battery pallet truck that offers an exceptional balance of load capacity, maneuverability, durability and safety. It's a smart investment that will improve productivity and efficiency in your material handling operation, while ensuring the integrity of your load and the safety of your operators. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your material handling equipment; choose the Hyster PC1.5 dual battery for reliable, long-lasting performance.

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