Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift
Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift

Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift

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Hyster J1.60XN four-wheel electric forklifts feature a zero-turn radius axle. This J2.0XN electric forklift is a robust and energy-efficient forklift, providing the best manoeuvrability and the lowest energy consumption level in its class.

Robust and energy-efficient electric forklifts with best-in-class manoeuvrability.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Machine type
Electric forklift trucks

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
3360/5500 mm
Closed height
2180/3130 mm
Mast type
Duplex Vista Plus / Duplex Vista / Triplex Vista Plus / Triplex Vista
Turning radius
Battery Capacity
48 / 625-750V/Ah
Hydraulic Controls
Levers / Joystick / Minilevers
Wheels condition ( approx. )
Pneumatic/Superelastic/Superelastic Anti-marking


3386 / 3565 mm
1116 mm
2087 mm


Hyster's J2.0XN four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are best suited for indoor and outdoor warehouse operations and provide low cost of ownership even in the most demanding operations.

The features of the Hyster J2.0XN four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are:

  • The Hyster J2.0XN four-wheel electric forklift features a sturdy chassis, steel bonnets and durable side covers to protect the forklift from potential impact damage when working, making it one of most robust and stable electric forklifts on the market.
  • This robust and compact J2.0XN forklift has a zero turning radius axle, which means the forklift has excellent manoeuvrability, the best in its range, with a very tight turning radius even in narrow warehouse aisles and in congested loading and unloading docks.
  • The Hyster J2.0XN electric forklift has powerful AC motor technology that is used for traction and lifting so that this J2.0XN electric forklift can work over much longer uninterrupted shifts. This forklift also has the AC front wheel drive which, together with regenerative braking for efficient load handling, means this Hyster forklift has smooth acceleration and excellent torque and movement performance.
  • The Hyster four-wheel electric forklift J2.0XN is a clean, quiet and productive forklift that offers the lowest comparative energy consumption in its class, thus helping to reduce operating costs.
  • The high reliability and the lower operating costs of this range of J2.0XN four-wheel forklifts are achieved thanks to its components, which are practically maintenance-free, such as oil-bath disc brakes, AC brushless motor, built-in thermal protection in traction motors and advanced cooling system.
  • It has the best serviceability in its class of four-wheel forklifts, with highly accessible components such as the motor, pump, controller and oil reservoir, and accessibility to the forklift helps to minimise downtime and the costs associated with maintenance.