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Data Controller

We inform You that the personal data You provide in the framework of our legal relationship will be processed by General Machinery Rental, S.A, C/Zurbaran, nº9, local right, Madrid 28010 (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "GAM", indistinctly), for the purposes described below.

Unless it is otherwise specifically stated upon the collection, the provision of the personal data collected is mandatory, since such data is absolutely necessary for the management, maintenance and monitoring of our contractual relationship. Should You refuse to provide it, we will not be able to process your application, to deliver the contracted service or, in short, to comply with our contractual relationship.

Personal data will be collected exclusively for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

You confirm and warrant the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided, and that it is consistent with your current situation. In this sense, You agree to notify any changes affecting the same, in accordance with the procedure laid down in paragraph Rigths of the person concerned.

In this section You are informed that your data will be processed by the Company for the following purposes:

i. Based on the contractual relationship:

a.    Processing of your application to be registered as a customer of the Company and management the subsequent business relation whip with You.

b.   Effective management, maintenance and monitoring of the relationship derived from the contract on the products and services provided by the Company.

ii. Based on a legal obligation:

a.    Verification of your identity and performance of the relevant checking regarding your financial activity, as required by the Spanish laws currently in force on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism funding, as well as any other applicable laws and regulations. For such purpose, as well as for the purpose of fraud prevention, the Company may use the information available from public bodies or from open sources, such as official gazettes, public registers, orders issued by the Public Administrations, telephone directories or lists of members of professional associations.

b.   Disclosure of information to public authorities, regulators and/or governmental bodies where the disclosure is required by the law, the local regulations or in compliance with statutory obligations.

iii. Based on the company’s legitimate interest:

a.   Where so required by the legal relationship, the Company may have the right to know your capacity and solvency status, in accordance with the provisions set out in the current regulations on the protection of data. And, in this regard, the Company may obtain information from: 

     i. Files containing information on financial solvency and creditworthiness.

b.   Performance of actions or communications for commercial and/or advertising purposes, by any mean, even by electronic means or the like, related to products or services that are similar to those contracted with the Company.

c.    Performance of customer satisfaction surveys related to the products and/or services You have contracted with us, in order to assess your level of satisfaction and improve processes and services provided by the Company.

d.   Disclosure or your data to companies within the GAM Group. This may happen when You, as the customer of our entity, ask for products and/or services that are supplied by the said companies and marketed by the Company. In this case it is possible that your data must be disclosed. Should that be the case, the data provided will be only that that is strictly necessary to identify You; i.e., the data that is required for the execution of a contract. The ultimate purpose of this processing is that, for those products and/or services that the Company may be marketing (acting as intermediary and/or a mere agent) for the third parties mentioned above, the contracting process is carried out as fast as possible. Through the link below You may access to a full list of the partner companies who shall receive your data if You contract any of their products or services: https://gamrentals.com/empresas-gam

e.   Record your voice and/or your image and retain the conversation and/or video. Previously to such recording, we will inform You in an explicit manner. The Company’s legitimate interests are maintaining the level of quality of the service and use the recordings if necessary to protect its legal position is a dispute arises. 

iv. Based on the express consent granted by you:

a.    Based on your express consent, even after the termination of the contractual relationship, the Company may offer You products and services of its own other than those that You have already contracted for; by any means, including electronic means. The Company may also offer You third party products that may be of your interest.

b.   Based on your express consent, the Company may disclose your personal data, as well as your business profile, to third party companies, including entities of GAM, to enable them to send commercial communications about their products and services by any means, including electronic means. These companies may operate in the following sectors: Rental and maintenance of machinery, assembly and execution of events, drone engineering for industrial purposes, purchase and sale of machinery and vehicles, training, modular structures and distribution of equipment.

In the terms described in section Processing Purposes , the Company may disclose your personal data to the following entities:

i. Public authorities, regulators and/or governmental or jurisdictional bodies where the disclosure is required by the law, the local regulations or in compliance with statutory obligations. 

ii. Third party entities and companies within the GAM Group, for the purposes set out in sub-paragraph (d) of paragraph (iii) Legitimate interest, set out in section Processing purposes.

Apart from the data disclosures above mentioned, the Company has got some third-party service providers that may access your data, and that may process it in the name and on behalf of the Company under an agreement on the provision of services.

The Company applies strict criteria in the selection of service providers in order to be fully compliant with its obligations regarding the protection of data. Therefore, the Company shall enter with such service providers the relevant agreement on the processing of data, whereby imposing them, amongst other, the following obligations: implementation of the appropriate technical and organisational measures; processing of the personal data for the purposes agreed only and strictly following the obligations included in documents; and deletion or return of the data once the provision of services is completed.

Namely, the Company may contract the provision of services from third-party companies that provide services related to, amongst other, the following areas: logistics , legal advice, approval of suppliers, professional companies, maintenance, technology, computer services, physical security, instant messaging and call centre.

Regardless of the personal data provided by You, the Company may process personal data from common files, industry files and/or public bodies, in accordance with the purposes and legitimate grounds described in section “Processing Purposes” above.

Based on the above, the Company shall process the personal data provided by the third parties mentioned considering the following categories:

i. Identification data.

ii. Mail addresses or e-mail addresses.

iii. Business, financial and solvency data.

iv. The personal data subject to special protection is not obtained from third parties.

The consents granted for the cases set out in this document may be revoked by You at any time, upon request. You are hereby informed that, pursuant to the legislation currently in force, You are entitled to enforce your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as the rights to deletion, restriction of the processing and portability of data. For such purpose You must provide evidence of your identity (by a copy of your ID card or a document that is equivalent) at the address below: GAM, Carretera Tiñana, km.1, 33199 Granda, Siero (Asturias) or at: protecciondedatos@gamrentals.com

Should You consider that GAM or any of its companies has infringed any of the rights above mentioned, You have the right to file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Your personal data will be retained throughout the duration of the contractual relationship between You and the Company.

After the termination of the contractual relationship, unless You have consented that we can continue to send You commercial communications, your personal data will be removed when all the actions that are necessary for the management and closure of any obligation that may remain between both parties will have been carried out, which includes the performance of all the administrative proceedings required.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, your data will be retained, duly blocked, as long as it is necessary due to the liabilities that may arise from the execution of our contractual relationship or as long as it is necessary for the Company to comply with other legal obligations.

In this regard, the Company guarantees that it will not process the data unless sub processing is required for the filing, exercise or defence of claims, or when such processing is required to disclose the data to the Public Administration or to the Courts during the period when your rights and legal obligations are limited.

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