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Tennant T350 pedestrian scrubber

Tennant T350 foot drinner

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The Tennant T350 pedestrian scrubber is perfect for cleaning large facilities with clogged spaces and tight corners quickly and easily. 

This pedestrian scrubber is highly manoeuvrable and offers leading levels of productivity in its class. Tennant technologies such as Smart-Fill™ automatic battery refill and ec-H2O NanoClean™ system are available, offering additional benefits. 

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Product Details

General features

1397 mm
673 mm
1.245 mm
329 KG

Tennant T350: trusted to reduce cleaning costs

The Tennant T350 scrubber can clean faster and for longer, increasing productivity since it can clean more than 2,500 square meters per hour. 

It also obtains constant cleaning results thanks to the programmable Zone Settings™ that reduce the dependence on the operator's settings in different cleaning conditions. 

Its advanced squeegee design and recovery system help to reduce the risk of slip-related accidents and remove dirt from the floor extraordinarily effectively. 

Operator comfort is assured with an ergonomic design and simple controls, reducing water consumption and discharging conventional cleaning detergents into the waste stream thanks to ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.

Tennant T350, benefits and main features

  • This scrubber can clean over 2500 square meters per hour with a perfect cleaning result on the floor. 
  • It has easily accessible mechanical parts and spare parts with no availability problems, thus increasing the useful life with a resistant design. 
  • Greater use of the machine between filling and emptying cycles, up to 94 minutes, and hours of battery life. 
  • Reduced secondary cleaning operations with ec-H2O
  • NanoClean® and the Severe Environment™ switch.
  • Complete removal of dirt from the floor thanks to an advanced squeegee design and lower accident risk caused by falls or slips. 
  • Ergonomic design to ensure operator comfort and control over the pedestrian scrubber and easy traction controls. 
  • The programmable Zone Settings™ option ensures consistent results as it reduces dependency on the operator to adjust to different areas and surfaces.
  • Incorporation of daytime cleaning through optional Quiet-Mode™, which reduces machine noise levels to a minimum of 59.7 dBA.
  • This scrubber can scrub a wide variety of surfaces, including grout and textured floors, with excellent downward pressure and various cleaning pads and brushes.
  • Water consumption is reduced by up to 70% and less cleaning detergents are discharged into the waste stream with the ec-H2O NanoClean® technology.

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