Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...
Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...
Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...
Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...
Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...
Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel...

Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced diesel or LPG forklift

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This range of Hyster H7.0FT counterbalanced forklifts is designed for high-intensity applications and therefore offers continuous high power and excellent reliability, particularly for use in applications where front attachment is required.

Great power, high reliability and low operating costs for all types of intensive work.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Diesel or LPG
Motor brand
Kubota 3.6L / 3.8L Diesel / PSI 4.3L LPG
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
6200 mm
Load Centre
600 mm

Other features

Electronic Powershift 2-speed / DuraMatch 3 - 3 speed / DuraMatch Plus3 - 3 speed


The Hyster H7.0FT forklift is available with 3.6 L and 3.8 L diesel motors, or a 4.3 L LPG motor and is also available in Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations, to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial applications, especially paper, manufacturing, bottling and construction.

The features of the Hyster H7.0FT diesel and LPG counterbalanced forklifts are:

  • The robust chassis design and the heavy duty mast design of the Hyster H7.0FT forklift optimise load capacity maintenance at high lifting heights with excellent visibility and excellent rigidity.
  • All powertrains in this H7.0FT range of counterbalanced forklifts are controlled, protected and managed by the on-board computer, Pacesetter VSM™, which has a CANbus communication network, enables forklift performance tuning and monitors key forklift functions for quick and easy diagnostics to minimise repair downtime and unnecessary part swapping.
  • This range of Hyster H7.0FT forklifts has several options for electronic powershift transmission; a DuraMatch™ transmission, a DuraMatch™ 3 transmission or a DuraMatch™ Plus3 transmission:
  1. The standard Fortens model of the H7.0FT forklift has a two-speed electronic powershift transmission.
  2. Fortens Advance models in this H7.0FT range are equipped with the three-speed DuraMatch™ 3 transmission, which manages deceleration and directional changes of the H7.0FT forklift, helping to extend brake and wheel service life, thus avoiding transmission wear.
  3. Fortens Advance+ models in the H7.0FT range are equipped with the DuraMatch™ Plus3 transmission, which features three-speed extended function in addition to dynamic auto deceleration, throttle response management and auto-speed hydraulics.
  • The oil bath brakes on this H7.0FT forklift help to reduce maintenance requirements and costs and improve forklift operating safety.
  • Full access to the bonnet of this H7.0FT forklift assists with quick and efficient maintenance. The simplified wiring and hydraulics layout of this H7.0FT range offers very easy access to all components, thereby reducing service times for unscheduled repairs and regular maintenance.
  • Hyster H7.0FT forklifts feature an innovative operator compartment design for easy driver access, great all-round visibility and conveniently located controls for the driver.