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Yale MTC15L trilateral forklift

Carretilla trilateral 1500Kg Yale MTC15L

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Trilateral narrow aisle trucks are the perfect solution for higher density and more efficient warehouses. With a load capacity of up to 1500kg, this truck provides ergonomics, stability and performance, qualities needed to maximize productivity in high-density warehousing. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the MTC15L trilateral forklift achieves maximum efficiency in lifting loads, allowing fast and safe load handling, which increases productivity and speed in daily work. With features such as its Smart-Glide™ speed control system and 180-degree rotating trilateral head, these Yale trilateral trucks offer excellent maneuverability and space optimization in very narrow aisles. In addition, their serviceability and safe operation ensure safe and worry-free operation.

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1500 kg

Product Details
Load capacity
1500 KG
Battery Capacity
80V / 840Ah(V/Ah)
Platform Height
16890 meters
7920 KG

The Yale MTC15L Trilateral Forklift is a material handling machine designed for high-bay warehouse and distribution center warehousing applications. With a load capacity of up to 1,500 kg, this trilateral forklift truck offers reliable performance and exceptional versatility in high-bay product handling.

An outstanding feature of the MTC15L is its ability to maneuver in three directions: forward and backward like a conventional forklift truck, and sideways to access high shelves. This allows for greater flexibility in product handling and optimization of storage space in high-bay warehouses. The maximum lift capacity of this trilateral truck allows it to reach high racks efficiently and accurately.

Operator comfort and safety are key priorities in the design of the MTC15L. Its ergonomic and spacious cab is designed to minimize operator fatigue during long working days. Intuitive controls and precise feedback make operation comfortable and efficient. In addition, advanced safety features, such as obstacle detection systems and effective brakes, have been implemented to ensure the safety of both the operator and the stored products.

Durability and reliability are key features of this Yale trilateral forklift truck. It is built with high quality materials and robust components that ensure reliable performance even in the most demanding industrial and warehouse environments.

The Yale MTC15L Trilateral is an efficient and versatile machine designed for high-bay warehouse storage applications. Its trilateral maneuverability, lifting capacity and focus on operator comfort and safety make it a solid choice for companies looking to optimize their warehousing operations and maximize space utilization. The MTC15L represents the quality and expertise expected from the Yale brand in the world of trilateral trucks and is ready to meet the challenges of dynamic work environments.

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