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Yale MS16XIL Electric Foot Mounted Applicator

1600kg Electric Pacilator Yale MS16xil

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The MS16XIL (Stand-on) high-lift platform stacker is a premium option for cargo handling in warehouses and storage areas with lifting needs at higher heights. Designed with advanced features, it offers a versatile and efficient solution for handling goods.

With a load capacity of 1600 kg, the MS16XIL platform stacker is capable of lifting and stacking a wide range of loads, from pallets to boxes and other products. What sets it apart is its dual-purpose design, which allows it to be operated by both a walk-behind and on-board operator, offering flexibility and versatility in operation.

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1600 kg

Product Details

General features

2177 mm
790 mm
1900 mm
Load capacity
1600 KG

The Yale MS16XIL electric pedestrian stacker is a highly efficient and versatile material handling solution designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial applications. With a maximum load capacity of up to 1,600 kg and a maximum lift height of 3.5 meters, this electric stacker combines power and precision for outstanding performance.

A distinctive feature of the Yale MS16XIL is its compact, low-profile design, making it an ideal choice for operating in tight spaces and narrow aisles. The electric steering system offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate with ease and precision, which improves productivity and reduces the risk of damage to the load or working environment.

The MS16XIL's performance is backed by a high-capacity battery that provides excellent operating range. This feature allows operators to work for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging, increasing operational efficiency. In addition, the stacker is equipped with a built-in charger that simplifies the charging process, thus minimizing downtime.

Safety is a key priority in the design of the Yale MS16XIL. It incorporates advanced safety features, such as a regenerative braking system that improves stability when braking and a reduced cornering speed system to prevent dangerous skidding. The ergonomic control handle provides excellent operator visibility and facilitates precise control of the stacker, contributing to a safer working environment.

Versatility is another outstanding feature of the Yale MS16XIL. It offers a variety of options and attachments that allow you to tailor the stacker to the specific needs of your application. This includes width-adjustable forks to handle different types of pallets and materials, as well as lift options that make it easy to handle loads at different heights.

The Yale MS16XIL electric pedestrian stacker is an essential tool for any operation that requires efficient material handling. Its combination of reliable performance, enhanced safety and versatility makes it the ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications. With the Yale MS16XIL, you can increase your company's productivity while ensuring the safety of your personnel and the integrity of your products. This electric stacker is a smart investment that will drive efficiency and success in your material handling operation.

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