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Pramac GGW400G 400 KVA generator set

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Thanks to Industrial Gas from PRAMAC, the idea of energy is revolutionized. This new line of natural gas industrial generators ensures unlimited autonomy, along with low environmental impact and ease of use thanks to the innovative Power Zone™ control system.

Each gas generator is specifically optimized for use in Prime and emergency applications. It has the advantage of easy installation and reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional diesel generators.

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320 KW

Product Details

General features

4700 mm
1700 mm
2290 mm
4840 KG
Motor brand
Motor Power (KW)
320 / 288
Natural gas
Battery charger
Alternator brand
Mecc Alte

Greater autonomy

Clean-burning gas generators from PRAMAC are the solution when it comes to meeting local regulatory requirements and back-up power for all types of industries. They include Generac® engines, which with their latest technology, are designed to run on gas and optimized for emergency applications

The key advantage of using gas is the fact that it achieves a longer operating period. This is because natural gas is supplied from the grid, making refueling a non-problem.

Reduced operating costs

Capital investment: One of the most important advantages to consider regarding reduced operating costs is that PRAMAC generators have the ability to add additional generators in parallel to their installation. This can result in a significant reduction in the initial capital investment. It is not necessary to install more power than is needed initially, as more generators can be added as the business grows and more power is demanded.

Installation costs: If we compare the capital investment to select and install two parallel low-power generators versus one higher-power generator, the first option narrowly wins. This is because parallel units have the advantage of greater support during installation from the supplier. Lighter weight makes them easier to move and place in location, thus requiring smaller and less expensive lifting equipment.

Fuel costs: The use of natural gas is a great advantage due to its tendency to be much lower priced than diesel in a large majority of countries.

Maintenance and service costs: The fact that only one unit can be uncoupled in parallel for maintenance or repair, while the others remain available, is a great advantage over other generator systems.


  • Long operating periods: Thanks to the use of natural gas and the fact that it is supplied from the grid, refueling is not a problem.
  • Environmentally friendly: Fewer nitrogen oxides and particulates are emitted thanks to the use of natural gas engines. As storage, spills and environmental concerns associated with fuel storage are avoided.
  • Fuel reliability: There is no maintenance or tank cleaning associated with on-site fuel storage.
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