PRAMAC GSW360V Genset 360 kVA

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The GSW360V generator set of PRAMAC brand has:

  • VOLVO Diesel Engine.
  • Alternator Mecc Alte.
  • Water cooled system with radiator.
  • Internal residential silencer.
  • Structure with double lifting point.
  • Complete with engine and battery fluids.
  • Manual oil drainage pump.
  • Anti-drip tray facilities.
  • ACP automatic/manual control panel.

Main characteristics

Motor brand
Volvo TAD1351GE
Motor Power (KW)
286.11 / 260.86


3951 mm
1438 mm
2085 mm
3671 KG

Other features

Alternator brand
Mecc Alte ECO38-3LN/4


Generating set equipment

The base frame is made of steel profile complete with adequately dimensioned anti-vibration supports and welded support legs.

The plastic fuel tank is equipped with a filler neck, an air inlet through a ventilation pipe and a low fuel level sensor. In addition, thanks to the oil drainage pipe with cap, oil drainage is easier to perform this task

The body is soundproof and consists of modular panels, covered with galvanized steel with anti-corrosion treatment and adverse conditions, properly fixed and sealed, to achieve a completely waterproof receptacle.

It has easy access to the generator set for maintenance purposes thanks to side access doors fixed by stainless steel hinges and perforated galvanized steel interior. It also includes removable panels with screw holes protected by a plastic cover. In addition, the control panel protection door is provided with a suitable window and lock.

It consists of a suitably protected and soundproofed side air inlet opening and an exhaust air outlet in the roof, rain gutter protected by a suitable grille.

Complete soundproofing is achieved thanks to the sound-absorbing material with acoustic insulation and the efficient residential muffler placed inside the body.


It has a robust mechanical structure, which allows easy access to connections and components during checks and maintenance work if necessary.

Thanks to the voltage regulation with DSR that controls the voltage range, any possible problems caused by unqualified personnel are avoided. The voltage accuracy is ± 1% in static condition with any power factor and with speed variation between 5% and 30% with reference to nominal speed.

It has a wiring / excitation system consisting of a 2/3 wound stator. This is intended to eliminate the triple harmonics (3rd, 9th, 15th ...) in the voltage wave and to avoid problems in the supply of non-linear loads. The winding has a 2/3 design that avoids excessive neutral currents, which have been present in larger windings.

MAUX (standard): The MAUX MeccAlte auxiliary winding can withstand an overload of 300% of the rated current (maintaining the short-circuit current) for 20 seconds. This meets the requirements of motor starting.

The insulation is class H standard and the impregnation is done with premium epoxy resins bonded by immersion and dripping. High voltage parts are vacuum impregnated, so the insulation level is always very good.

Stationary manual control panel

The manual control panel is group mounted and is complete with:


  • Voltmeter (phase 1)
  • Ammeter (phase 1)
  • Hour meter


  • Start/stop selector with key (Glow plug glow plugs are also included).
  • Emergency stop button installed on hood.

Alarm protection:

  • Low fuel level
  • Battery charger failure
  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Grounding

Protections with shutdown:

  • Low fuel level
  • Battery charger failure
  • Low oil pressure
  • High engine temperature
  • Switch protection: 3 Pole
  • Emergency stop button