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About us

GAM Online

GAM Online is the machinery portal where you can buy and sell your machines.

At GAM Online we are distributors of new machinery, we have leading brands in the market and we offer a wide range of spare parts to prolong the useful life of your equipment.

From our website you can buy used machinery and spare parts, bid in our auctions and put your equipment up for sale. All this without forgetting the GAM auction.

We accompany our clients throughout the team management process and solve any need related to machinery

What we offer

The best
used machinery

All our used machines offer the highest standards of quality, performance and are reviewed by our specialist technicians, ready to be used. In addition, they have a 6-month guarantee if you contract 1 year of maintenance.

Dealers of leading brands
in new machinery

We are distributors in Spain of the best machinery brands. Therefore, we offer the largest catalog of new machinery from Spain, with brands such as Hyster, Yale, Magni, Pramac, Valla, Oil & Steel, Bravi, Mobilev, Logitrans, Tennant, VLX and Tecna.

Machinery experts​
20 years of experience

We are an international company specializing in machinery, with more than 75 delegations and 300 mobile workshops distributed throughout the country and extensive experience in all types of equipment: lifting, industrial, special equipment, cargo movement, energy, handling…

Find what you need from a
wide selection of spare parts

Original, competition and reconditioned spare parts. Find what you need among our large catalog of spare parts for safety, energy, wheels, signaling, control, filters, electrical equipment, comfort, consumables, engine parts, etc.

GAM Solutions

GAM is an international company specialized in integral solutions for the industry, with decades of experience in machinery services. We attend to any need for lifting, handling, movement of loads, maintenance and energy.

All in the same place

Machinery sale
We buy your machines

We manage your fleet, analyze your situation and offer you the best appraisal for your old machines. And, if you prefer, you have the option of publishing them in our eCommerce to sell them directly to the end customer.

Types of machinery​
Wide range of machinery

With more than 20 years of experience in the machinery sector, we offer you a wide range of multi-brand equipment, a guarantee of quality and efficiency, to provide a solution to any type of particular need in your project.

Customer support​

Our commercial network will offer you personalized advice in each process: from the appraisal of your current machines to the search for the best second-hand option or the organization of your logistics and transport.



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