Plataformas articuladas eléctricas segunda mano

Previously-owned electric articulated lifting platforms

GAM Online has previously-owned electric articulated lifting platforms of different brands and with heights of between 11 and 20 metres. 

Articulated electric platforms can be used for work indoors and outdoors. They are respectful to the environment since they do not generate CO2 emissions. These machines are highly energy efficient and help to achieve extraordinary productivity. 

The flexibility of these machines help to pass around obstacles and work in areas that are difficult to access. Perfect for maintenance, installation, pruning and muddy terrain. They also adapt perfectly to congested and narrow indoor spaces. 

Articulated boom electric lifting platforms with a working height of less than 20 metres enable movements in confined spaces due to the size of the chassis that turns on itself. 

The demand for this equipment in the market is growing because it is respectful to the environment. Its long operating time offers higher productivity and great operational capacity. 

Working Height
Year of production