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Tennant CS5 micro scrubber


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The Tennant CS5 micro scrubber helps to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Its innovative design eliminates many of the challenges of traditional cleaning using buckets and mops. It has separate solution and recovery tanks that provide clean water for scrubbing tasks. 

The CS5 achieves a dry and safe floor, since it recovers the water used effectively and silently, avoiding dangerous and slippery floors. 

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Product Details

General features

615 mm
412.5 mm
1049 mm
19.8 KG

Tennant CS5 micro scrubber: innovation for thorough cleaning

The CS5 compact micro scrubber offers maximum performance and efficient cleaning.

This new micro scrubber from Tennant has a portable design and small footprint, making it an easy-to-use and transport work tool. 

This cleaning machine guarantees an effective result, since it scrubs and dries faster, unlike manual cleaning, avoiding dirty water. 

Its technology is based on a Li-Ion battery and a reverse drying system. Equipped with two squeegees that enable forward and backward drying without turning. Perfect for scrubbing in tight spaces. 

It offers maximum performance thanks to the compact and light lithium battery that provides 50 minutes of autonomy and even 75 minutes if the optional battery is added. This battery is easily replaced to extend working time. 

The CS5 is easy to use and store in tight spaces. Weighing less than 20 kg, it is easy to transport and manoeuvre. 

Tennant CS5 micro scrubber benefits

  • It can work around and under obstacles since the handle can be adjusted to the operator's comfort level. 
  • With its easily removable tank, water or solution can be filled or emptied anywhere, including small sinks. 
  • Standard brush scrubbing tasks provide efficient cleaning for different types of floors. Also, the brush wear indicator alerts when it needs to be replaced. 
  • The charge indicator has green, yellow and red lights to remind the operator of the battery level. 
  • It has a quiet operation, making this mini scrubber ideal for cleaning in congested areas, at any time of the day and with minimal interruption. 
  • Its ergonomic design facilitates maintenance and use by the operator. 

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