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Tennant T500/T500e pedestrian industrial floor scrubber

Industrial Freemaker with Tennant T500/T500E driver

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The Tennant T500 and T500e industrial pedestrian scrubbers reduce cleaning costs, increase productivity and simplify operator training thanks to the innovation of optional technologies, such as the Smart-Fill™ automatic filling system, IRIS fleet management and ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.

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Product Details

General features

1486 mm
177 KG

Tennant T300 scrubber and dryer: innovation and high performance

The Tennant T500/T500e industrial floor scrubber helps to achieve predictable results, improve profitability and investment and increase machine life thanks to its technological innovation. 

These scrubbers offer excellent performance and uniform cleaning results on any type of floor. 

There is also a large selection of cleaning heads and a wide variety of optional technology innovations for this machine. 

The T500 and T500e have replaced the T5 and T5e, improving the effectiveness of resources, cleaning operations and investments thanks to these technological innovations. 

T500/T500e scrubbing machine features and benefits

Tennant's T500/T500e models offer the following benefits: 

  • Efficiently remove floor finishes without using expensive chemicals and strippers. Improve cleaning performance thanks to the orbital cleaning head that provides optimised down pressure and high RPM. 
  • Greater productivity, reduced cleaning costs and easy operator training thanks to its technologies: IRIS® fleet manager, Pro-Panel™ LCD touch screens with customisable Zone Settings™ and the ec-H2O NanoClean™ option. 
  • The batteries are charged safely thanks to the fan and the closed cover.
  • It is easy to carry out cleaning tasks during the day without causing inconvenience thanks to the Quiet-Mode™ system, which reduces noise levels. 
  • The squeegee redesign and integration of a P-trap facilitates water collection by avoiding drips on the floor after cleaning, thus reducing the risk of accidental slips and falls. 
  • With the water level monitor and the optional automatic fill function, tank filling time is reduced with greater precision. 
  • The Smart-Fill™ automatic battery water refill system can optimise the long-term performance of wet batteries. 
  • Yellow contact points help to simplify training, preventive maintenance and prevent breakdowns. 
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