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Tennant 1210/1215 carpet extractors

Tennant carpet extractors 1210/1215

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Tennant's 1210 and 1215 deep cleaning machines have a simple, compact design that provides consistent cleaning results. These easy-to-use carpet extractors are made from durable rotomolded polyethylene. They are suitable for offices, schools, hospitals and cleaning contracts. 

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Product Details

General features

270/300 mm
300/380 mm
530/780 mm
15/25 KG

These spray extractors are ideal for cleaning carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces. The 1210 (27 cm) and the 1215 (30 cm) carpet extractors are compact spray extractors that are easy to use and have exceptional cleaning power to efficiently remove dirt from all types of carpets and in corners that are hard to reach. 

The 1210 and 1215 models have a powerful vacuum motor, compact size, transparent cover, rotomolded polyethylene plastic frame, removable tank unit and a special nozzle for hard floors.  

Drying time is also reduced so that the carpet can be used again as quickly as possible. They are easy to store and transport, easy to handle and maintain. 

Tennant 1210/1215 carpet extractor benefits

  • Cleans carpets professionally thanks to its powerful spray nozzles, which achieve exceptional performance in cleaning tasks. 
  • Easy to transport due to its compact size and removable tube accessories. 
  • Drying time is reduced because of its powerful aspiration. 

Tennant 1210/1215 carpet extractor features

  • Easy to manoeuvre around hard-to-reach corners and other dirty areas due to its 27 cm (1210) and 30 cm (1215) cleaning widths. 
  • Solution and recovery tank sizes make it suitable for any premises: 15 L (1210) and 30 L (1215).
  • Maximum mobility for cleaning due to the rolling base and compact size. 

Customising the Tennant 1210/1215 carpet extractors

Several options are available for customising the extractors according to the work environment: 

  • accessory for walls
  • accessory for upholstery
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