VLX 728S-M/V 45 cm pedestrian micro...
VLX 728S-M/V 45 cm pedestrian micro...

VLX 728S-M/V 45 cm pedestrian micro scrubber

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The 728S-M/V mini pedestrian scrubber is reliable and easy to use for cleaning in tight spaces. Working with this equipment is truly comfortable for operators thanks to its compact design, intuitive control panel and ergonomic handle. This micro scrubber is perfect for working in hard-to-reach spaces in offices, hospitals and shops. 

Main characteristics



550 mm
1120 mm
98 KG


The 45 cm M/V mini pedestrian scrubber is highly manoeuvrable for scrubbing in hard-to-reach areas, has a large tank capacity in a compact machine and is easy and comfortable to use. 

The ECO mode lowers the sound level to 2 dB and increases working time by 20%. Its recovery tank is easy to remove to access the battery and for cleaning. 

It can be stored conveniently thanks to the easy-fold handle and yellow touch points for easy daily maintenance. 

VLX 728S-M/V pedestrian micro scrubber features and benefits

  • Great manoeuvrability for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Great comfort and ease of use. 
  • Compact machine with a large tank capacity. 
  • Compact storage with a handle that folds easily. 
  • Easy daily maintenance as it has yellow contact points. 
  • Easy to remove recovery tank for cleaning and accessing the battery. 
  • Increases working time up to 20% and reduces the sound level to 2 dB thanks to the ECO mode.