Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift
Hyster C1.0 three-way forklift

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The Hyster C1.0 Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklift is a highly robust three-way forklift. The unique Hyster square mast shape is rock solid at heights of up to 17 metres, with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to deliver one of the fastest VNA transits in the industry.

The strongest, tallest and most reliable VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) forklift in the industry. 

Main characteristics

Engine type
Machine type
Trilateral forklifts

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
7740 mm
Battery Capacity
48 / 560-700V/Ah


This Hyster VNA C1.0 trilateral forklift, with its high reliability and low operating costs, is considered one of the best VNA forklifts in the world, enabling operators to optimise storage capacity and retrieve pallets efficiently in demanding, high-density operations.

Hyster VNA C1.0 trilateral forklift features

  • The C1.0 trilateral forklift offers great strength and stability, which are vital for working at high altitudes, thanks to the patented Hyster square-shaped mast, which enables working at heights up to 17,000 mm with minimal mast deflection.
  • In the range of Hyster VNA forklifts for very narrow aisles, the great load stability offered by one of the smallest and most robust turret head designs in the industry is remarkable
  • VNA C1.0 trilateral forklifts have proven high operational safety, proven through intensive cycles such as stress analysis, fatigue tests, thermal tests and stability tests.  This range of C1.0 trilaterals has also undergone very rigorous testing and has been proven in field conditions across a wide range of customers' applications.
  • The maintenance needs of these VNA C1.0 forklifts are minimal due to their powerful and reliable sealed AC motors, CANbus electronics communications and thermal management systems.
  • The C1.0 trilateral VNA forklift offers low cost of ownership, thanks to its efficient energy management system, which enables continuous work for long periods of time.
  • The integrated pantograph on this range of Hyster C1.0 trilaterals opens automatically with the cross movement function, enabling the forklift to work in the tightest aisles with maximum side clearance.
  • The Hyster VNA trilateral forklift can be adapted to many different applications with a wide range of custom options including rail guidance and cable guidance.