Tecnacar VTA 440 electric towing tractor
Tecnacar VTA 440 electric towing tractor
Tecnacar VTA 440 electric towing tractor
Tecnacar VTA 440 electric towing tractor
Tecnacar VTA 440 electric towing tractor

Tractor eléctrico de arrastre Tecnacar VTA 440 40000kg

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Tecnacar VTA 440 electric charge tractor with towing capacity of 40000 kg. Robust and powerful for indoor and outdoor operations with heavy loads. Maintenance-free AC motors ensure powerful acceleration and excellent performance on inclines. These motors, together with efficient development, make the VTA 440 electric towing tractor highly reliable with lower maintenance costs.

Main characteristics

VTA 440
Motor Power (KW)

General features

Tiro a la barra nominal
8000 N
Distancia entre ejes
1727 mm
Ancho de vías detrás
1238 mm
Altura al suelo
195 mm
Velocidad de desplazamiento con/sin carga
8/16 km/h
Máximo tiro a la barra
19400 N
80/625 V/Ah
Ancho de vía delante
1140 mm

Industry features

Load capacity
40000 KG
Turning radius


1450 mm
2060 mm
3750 KG


Tecnacar has developed the TCS (Traction Control System) with the aim of achieving safer driving and savings on tyre wear, and an ACS® (Automatic Collapsible System) anti-tip system for automatic speed reduction on curves. 

The VTA 440 electric towing tractor is one of Tecnacar's VTA 400 Series. 

Features of the VTA 440 electric towing tractor

  • Ergonomics: the towing tractor driver can enjoy the best ergonomics thanks to the new range of seats that have different suspension levels, a built-in armrest that can be adjusted in depth and height with a single action and a telescopic and tilting column. 
  • Display: maintenance can be scheduled and parameters set through the Tecna Service Tool (TST) or from the large screen. 
  • Flux Vector Control: latest-technology programming. Intelligent adaptation work requirements, determining the minimum battery consumption in each case. 
  • Battery: side battery removal
  • High performance motors: a dynamic response in any situation is guaranteed thanks to the high power of the two asynchronous traction motors (maintenance free). 
  • Comfort: the protective cabin floats on hydraulic shock absorbers, making it very comfortable for the driver, reducing the noise level and eliminating vibrations. 
  • Brakes: braking system based on fully encapsulated discs bathed in oil. 

Standard equipment of the VTA 440 towing tractor

  • Electronic AC control with energy recovery.
  • Flux Vector Control and Anti-tip System
  • 300W DC/DC voltage converter
  • Super elastic wheels and front/rear suspension
  • Flashing light and acoustic alarm in reverse
  • Work light, pilot lights, flashing light, stop light and intermittent light
  • Seats with rollable seat belt. 
  • Companion seat. 
  • Safety roof.
  • Tow hook with driver visibility
  • Electromagnetic automatic parking brake.
  • Panoramic rear vision mirror.
  • Automatic "step-step" approach system
  • Side battery removal with standard pallet jack