Tennant S3 manual sweeper
Tennant S3 manual sweeper
Tennant S3 manual sweeper
Tennant S3 manual sweeper
Tennant S3 manual sweeper

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The S3 sweeper can sweep intelligently and without using force. 

The S3's intuitive design and dual side brushes make this sweeper ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. Its manual operation makes it the perfect solution for cleaning in places where noise is not allowed. 

Main characteristics



1.092 mm
416 mm


S3 industrial sweeper, equipped with TwinMax technology

The S3 industrial pedestrian sweeper is designed with TwinMax, Tennant's innovative sweeping technology. This machine cleans in one pass thanks to the double brushes that retract and combines the principles of direct sweep and overturn sweep to capture dirt.

Enjoy maximum productivity and waste collection with this technology. Its design, with quality components with great resistance have proven that the S3 is efficient in commercial environments. 

This sweeper is also suitable for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and underneath the object thanks to the double-sided brush and low-profile design, which increases reach and provides an even edge sweep. 

Tennant S3 features and benefits

  • Thanks to TwinMax technology, the S3 can clean floors in a single pass. These dual counter-rotating brushes combine back-loading and direct-sweep principles to pick up small and large debris with a single sweep. TwinMax technology is designed to sweep indoors and outdoors. 
  • Greater productivity by adding more cleaning time thanks to dual side brushes that expand the sweep width to 34 in/870 mm and an extra large 1.8 cu ft/50 L hopper that saves on trips to the bin. 
  • Perfect for cleaning indoors and outdoors thanks to its flexible design. With its manual operation, it is the perfect option to keep quiet.  
  • The components of this manual sweeper have been tested for 10 years in commercial applications. The built-in bumper prevents strong impact damage to the side brushes and bodywork. 
  • Productivity is improved with adjustments that can be made to the simple side brushes without using tools. Its easy operation increases cleaning time and reduces training time.
  • Maximum operator comfort is guaranteed thanks to the sweeper's anatomical padded handle.