Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors
Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors
Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors
Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors

Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors

Hyster LO7.0T electric towing tractors

The Hyster LO7.0T towing tractor can be used in all types of manufacturing operations when transporting material to production lines and is ideal for the automotive and engineering industries.

Main characteristics


Industry features

Battery Capacity
24V / 465-620Ah


1236 / 1380 KG


This range of electric towing tractors from Hyster features superior traction. This Hyster towing tractor can move loads of up to 7000 kg and offers low operating costs and high performance acceleration. Powerful towing tractors to move the heaviest loads.

Hyster LO7.0T towing tractor features

  • The LO7.0T towing tractor has a 2.6 kW AC motor, which provides high performance acceleration, powerful braking and high travel speed.
  • This Hyster LO7.0T towing tractor is ideal for many types of hitches. The universal flange ensures an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including automotive assembly and component supply operations, parts lines in the food industry, parcel and postal distribution services, transport and healthcare services and wholesale distribution.
  • The LO7.0T towing tractor range features a welded steel chassis, which helps to ensure reliability and long-term durability by protecting the towing tractor against collisions.
  • Normal component wear and operating costs for this Hyster LO7.0T towing tractor are reduced due to regenerative braking, which reduces use of the service brake, dissipating heat from the traction motor.
  • This range of towing tractors features on-board diagnostics and easy-to-access components, which help in carrying out quick and easy maintenance. The AC traction motor with built-in thermal protection is fully enclosed to protect against damage and waste.
  • Their energy efficiency contributes to further reducing operating costs and this is achieved through advanced control features such as adjustable performance settings, which enable the forklift to be customised to meet the specific requirements of the application in which it operates.
  • The LO7.0T towing tractor is available with an inertia freewheel function (formerly known as skid control), which enables the operator to move with the forklift without getting into the vehicle.