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Rotating telescopic handler 8.27


RTH 8.27
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The Magni 8.27 Telescopic Rotary Handler is an advanced lifting and handling machine designed to improve efficiency in a variety of industrial and construction applications. With a lifting capacity of 8,000 kg and a maximum lifting height of 27 meters, this equipment provides exceptional reach and versatility in handling heavy loads at considerably elevated heights. Its 360-degree slewing capability allows for precise load positioning, optimizing productivity and reducing labor time. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Magni 8.27 offers safe and efficient operation with intuitive controls and advanced safety systems. Its robust and durable design makes it ideal for demanding tasks in challenging environments.

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27 m

8000 kg

Product Details
RTH 8.27
RTH 8.27

General features

8,25 mm
2,53 mm
22.300 KG
Engine type
Volvo TAD 582 VE Stage V
Height Elevation
27 meters
Load capacity
8000 KG
160 kW (218 hp) at 2,300 rpm
Maximum range
23 meters
in Scissors
Load capacity at maximum height
4000 KG
Ground clearance
310 mm
Hydraulic flow
170 l/min
No. of gears
Hydraulic system
350 bar (Load Sensing)
Travel speed
40 km/h
Climate control as standard

The Magni 8.27 Rotating Telescopic Handler is an impressive addition to Magni's industry-leading line of handling and lifting equipment. Meticulously designed to address the demands of industrial and construction applications that require handling heavy loads at remarkable heights, the Magni 8.27 offers exceptional performance and innovative functionality.

With a maximum lift capacity of 8,000 kg and a lift height reaching up to 27 meters, this rotating telehandler stands out for its reach and versatility. Its 360-degree slewing capability provides absolute control over the load, enabling precise and efficient positioning in even the most challenging spaces. This feature maximizes productivity by reducing repositioning and adjustment times.

In terms of safety and technology, the Magni 8.27 does not disappoint. Its intuitive, ergonomic controls make operation smooth and efficient, while advanced safety systems ensure safe load handling and protect the operator at all times. The operator's cab is designed for optimal visibility and comfort during long working days.

Durability and strength are prominent qualities of the Magni 8.27. Built with high-quality materials and a focus on robust engineering, this handler is designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Its maintenance has also been optimized to minimize downtime and maximize effective working time.

In summary, the Magni 8.27 Rotating Telehandler is a complete solution for the most challenging handling and lifting tasks. Its impressive load capacity, exceptional lift height, advanced slewing capabilities and focus on safety and efficiency make it a valuable asset in a variety of sectors, from construction to manufacturing. With the Magni 8.27, companies can increase their productivity and perform tasks at considerable heights with confidence and success.

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