Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on...
Tennant S20 mid-size, compact ride-on sweeper

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The Tennant S20 compact, mid-size, ride-on floor sweeper is a tough and manoeuvrable unit in small workspaces, but with excellent performance and sweeping capabilities of a mid-size sweeper. 

The Tennant S20 is compact in size with great durability and performance. Simple operation, with user controls that reduce the need to train the operator and with excellent dust control with ShakeMax 360 technology and the SweepMax system.

Main characteristics



2090 mm
1230 mm
1260 mm


Tennant S20, maximum productivity and optimal cleaning

The Tennant S20 sweeper maximises dust control and improves air filtration thanks to the SweepMax three-stage dust control systems. Using the Shake Max 360 filter shaker and cleaning from the inside out, it removes dust particles embedded in cracks. 

Its "All levers forward" controls simplify handling and its compact size and flexibility make this sweeper perfect for indoors and outdoors. The need to train operators is also reduced.

One major feature of the Tennant S20 is safety, as it has excellent operator field of vision, 180 cm side brush reach, front and rear lights and a horn in the centre of the steering wheel. It also has the Thermo-Sentry sensor, which warns the operator if the hopper overheats and cuts the air inlet to it. 

The moment the operator leaves the seat, the occupancy sensor shuts the engine off within seconds. The upper canopy (optional), rear-vision mirror and the tower bumpers protect the operator and the machine. 

The value for money of the S20 sweeper is sensational. Years of service can be expected with this machine due to the combination of quality and easy maintenance. Guaranteed return on investment. 

Tennant S20, features and benefits

  • The Tennant S20 ride-on sweeper provides the cleaning power of a mid-size sweeper in a compact sweeper. 
  • Sweeping performance, outdoors and indoors, is that of a mid-size ride-on sweeper but with the manoeuvrability of a compact ride-on sweeper. 
  • The "all levers forward" control simplifies machine handling and reduces operator training time.
  • The SweepMax™ dust control system improves indoor air quality and operators can sweep more. 
  • Longer operating times with the ShakeMax™ filter shaker, plus longer filter life. 
  • With InstantAccess™, the machine can be accessed without tools, reducing downtime, maintenance costs and repair time. The easy-to-open machine covers also reduce downtime. 
  • The sweeper has a low noise level while in operation and reduces gases thanks to its battery power. 
  • The double brushes increase productivity and sweeping width. 
  • The machine has a high-performance suction tube stored inside the sweeper and available when the operator needs it.