Hyster R1.0E tilt mast reach forklift
Hyster R1.0E tilt mast reach forklift
Hyster R1.0E tilt mast reach forklift
Hyster R1.0E tilt mast reach forklift

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The Hyster R1.0E tilt mast reach forklift offers exceptional benefits for applications in which space is at a premium.

A special forklift for working in narrow aisles.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Machine type
Reach trucks

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
7500 mm
Battery Capacity
48V / 280-620Ah


The Hyster R1.0E, R1.2E and R1.4E models are robust, reliable and efficient reach forklifts. These R1.0-1.4E reach forklifts have a lift height of up to 7.5 m, a small chassis, capacity of up to 1,400 kg and are especially suitable for manoeuvring in narrow aisles.

Features of the Hyster R1.0E reach forklift

  • The R1.0 reach forklift has a tilt mast that assists forklift operators when exiting a pallet location, as they do not have to move back as far to exit and turn.  They are perfect for narrow aisles.
  • The R1.0E has excellent visibility through the mast and overhead guard.
  • This range of Hyster R1.0E reach forklifts has an ergonomically designed compartment that incorporates functions that enable the operator to streamline operations.
  • The narrow chassis of the Hyster R1.0E reach forklift makes it easy to work in areas with tight spaces (R1.0 E and R 1.2E).
  • The R1.0E reach forklift has powerful acceleration and travel speeds of up to 11 km/h with and without load.
  • This special forklift for narrow aisles also has a 180°/360° direction selection for making travel direction changes.
  • The mini levers of the R1.0E reach forklift are easily accessible. There is also an optional joystick that fits to the natural shape of the hand.
  • The R1.0E is robust and reliable. It has a robust chassis, sealed connectors, dual CANbus and machine-tested components. Low cost and easy maintenance with long service intervals.
  • For greater energy efficiency, the Hyster retractable also has the ECO-eLo performance mode to reduce energy consumption.