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Questions for the Bidder

1. Questions about Registration

1.1 How should I Register?

To register on our website click on the following link and fill in all the information that appears to access our auctions and then receive commercial information about our great opportunities for equipment for sale.

1.2 What Data are Compulsory?

When registering on our website, the mandatory fields are: Name and Surname or Company name, along with the NIF or CIF, location and an email address and telephone number.

1.3 How do I Validate my E-mail?

To validate the mail, it is necessary to formalize the registration and accept the terms and conditions. Once these fields are completed, in the registered email address, you will receive an email with a link, which you must click and validate. Only with these few steps will the process be finalized.

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2. Questions about Registration

2.1 I have Forgotten my Password and I can not Sign In. What should I Do?

If you forget the password, you must click on SIGN IN, and click on Forgot your password?. Then you must insert your email address and you will receive in your inbox how to modify your password.

2.2 How to Participate in Auctions

To participate in our auctions, you must be registered on our website, following the steps marked in 1. Questions about the Registration. Once registered, you must validate your registration. Remember that in order to be able to bid in GAM auctions, it is necessary to pay the required deposit.

2.3 What is the Deposit Concept?

The concept of deposit born from the need to make efficient and safe auctions for all our customers. With this guarantee we will maintain our bidder´s security when tracking the auctions and perform the bids and payments correctly and payment, as well as preserving the good end of themselves.

2.4 How much is the Deposit Amount?

The amount of deposit established is 1,000 €; which can be paid by credit card or by bank transfer at the time of validating the registration or when the first bid is made, where you will receive a notice of payment to be able to participate.

NameSWIFT CodeIBANAccount Number

2.5 How and when I should do the Payment of the Deposit?

1. Through payment by card before making the bid, automatic process where you will be given access to bid immediately as soon as the payment is made.

2. By bank transfer with an order number to assign it to the bidder or through payment by card before making the bid. (To expedite the process, please send the supporting documents to the following address: formulario.online@gamrentals.com

We truly recommend that the deposit be deposited a maximum of one day before the end of the auction in order to avoid problems when authorizing.

2.6 When is the Deposit Returned if it does not Result the Winner of the Machine?

The deposit will be refunded within a maximum period of 15 days from the end of the auction, if the bidder in question has not reached the reserve price or has not been the highest bid of the interested machine.

2.7 If I Am The Winner, Will the Deposit Be Returned?

In case of being the highest bid having exceeded the reserve price, the proforma will be sent as maximum bidder and winner of the machine, so the 1,000 € of the deposit will be deducted from the purchase price.

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3. Questions about the Auctioned Equipment

3.1 Can the Equipment be Visited?

Every auction have a month of promotion, during that time, all the auctioned equipment can be seen and tested without any commitment to the facilities where they are located which is indicated in each machine´s on our website. To be able to see the equipment, you just have to contact us to coordinate a visit through the following email

3.2 Has the Machine a Guarantee? Are Operatives Found?

Not any equipment auctioned have guaranteed, and you can go see and try before the auction ends without any commitment as we detailed in the previous point to check its operation. It is highly recommended to visit the equipment used prior purchase to avoid disappointment later.

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4. Questions about the Bids

4.1 I would Like to Make a Bid, What should I Do?

In order to bid in our auctions, you must register on our website as indicated in 1. Questions about the Registration and make the payment of the deposit in order to participate as it appears in point 2.2 How to Participate in the Auctions?..

Once you have completed these process, you could insert the amount you want to bid. You can bid both from the card of the equipment where you will have all the information at your fingertips, and from the list where you find the most relevant information of the team to bid. When entering the amount of the bid, you must enter the amount you want to insert taking into account the minimum increase, this amount must be set without points or letters.

4.2 What is an Automatic Bid and a Quick Bid?

When bidding, there are different types of bids to facilitate the auction process. The quick bid, is to select the amount you want to bid with a click on the different options that appear on the screen; while the automatic bid allows you to enter the maximum price that you would be willing to pay and the system will bid automatically for you. This way you will automatically receive by mail all the information about the status of the bids without having to be aware of entering the page and bid again.

4.3 What is the Minimum Increase of the Bids?

The minimum increase in bids varies depending on the reserve price of each machine. Within each machine you will see the minimum bid to be made.

4.4 How is the Reservation Price?

The reservation prices are not visible to the bidders, depending on how the bids are made both on the website itself when making the bid, as well as the emails received by the bidder, indicating if you have reached this reserve price or not, or if on the contrary, you are close to said price or not.

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5. Questions about the Adjudication

5.1 I Won a Lot, What is the next Step?

After being awarded a team of the auction, you will automatically receive a proforma invoice with the data you have registered and you will have 3 working days to proceed with the payment of the equipment purchased in the auction. At the time of formalizing the payment, you can attach the payment receipt of the equipment to advance the procedure of billing and delivery of equipment.

5.2 How is the Change of Ownership of a Machine Purchased in the Auction?

To proceed with the change of ownership of a machine registered in the auction, there are two options. We can notify you the sale of the equipment sold, or on the other hand, we have at our service an agency that works with us in our day to day, and through a fee of € 200 + VAT, perform the change of ownership process.

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6. Questions about Payment

6.1 What Type of Taxes and Commissions do I have to Bid?

All equipment sold at auction has an 8% commission on the final sale price along with 21% VAT.

6.2 What Happens if I do not Pay an Auction Equipment?

In case the equipment purchased in the auction is not paid, the deposit will not be refunded. We reserve the right to activate any judicial requirement that we believe necessary for this purpose.

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7. Questions about Collection

7.1 GAM Can Manage Transportation

From GAM, we can help the management and search of transport to our customers and quote them a transport price if they wish.

7.2 Does GAM Facilitate the Loading of Equipment?

We will indicate in each equipment the means of loading available to the seller, contact us for any questions.

7.3 How Many Days do I have to Remove the Purchased Equipment?

After finishing the auction and proceed to the payment within 3 working days, the deadline to withdraw the equipment from our facilities is 8 working days.

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Questions for the Seller

1 Who can Sell Equipment in the Auction?

Our auctions are open to the public, if you have an equipment owned and want to monetize it, do not hesitate to contact us.

2 How are the Equipment Valued to Auction?

All the equipment sold in the auction, are valued by our team of experts. In the following link it appears all the information about each of them in order to contact them

3 Does the Equipment Sold in Auction have a Minimum Sales Price?

After the assessment made by our experts, they will contact you to indicate an appropriate market price for which you would sell.Once a reservation / market price has been agreed upon, the equipment is moved up after signing a contract.

4 When and how do I Receive Money from the Sold Machine?

Once the clients have formalized the payment of the equipment and once we have the money. Through a previous invoice, payment will be made through a bank transfer of the equipment sold.

5 What Commisions I have to Sell

The commission for the sale of equipment would be 5% of the final sale price. Said commission would only be enforceable in the event that the equipment is sold.

6 Who Makes the Changes of Ownership

For the equipment sold, GAM will be in charge of managing the change of ownership of these so that the selling part does not have to worry about make these changes or get in contact with the buying part.

7 When I should Deliver the Machine

Once the payment of the machine is made the machine can be picked up by the buying company at the location where it is located.

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