Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker
Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker
Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker
Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker
Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker
Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker

Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker

Hyster RS1.6 electric ride-on stacker

This RS1.6 ride-on stacker is ideal for stacking and retrieving goods at varying heights, for moving goods over short and longer distances and for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

It is especially designed for stacking pallets in small warehouses with narrow aisles, for stacking in blocks and for horizontal load transfer.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
6020 mm
Battery Capacity
24 / 465V/Ah


This range of RS1.6 rider stackers has excellent manoeuvrability, control and visibility. It also offers good acceleration and fast movement, as well as high lifting speeds to work in the most demanding applications.

Hyster RS1.6 ride-on stacker features

  • This Hyster RS1.6 stacker is available with two-stage and three-stage masts up to 6020 mm. The RS1.6 ride-on stacker can work in aisles as wide as 2.5 m.  Nominal capacity 1,600 kg
  • When using the RS1.6 stacker, the operator can be seated for long distances or can be semi-seated when working at the bottom of the trailer. The new patented seat design on this RS1.6 stacker combines a swivel seat cushion with a fixed backrest and the driver can adjust the seat position horizontally or adjust for a semi-sitting/standing position with the simple push of a button.
  • This Hyster ride-on stacker features a sturdy, rigid, fully-welded base chassis. The side panels on the stacker are made of special 5 mm pressed steel to reduce the risk of damage and the one-piece bumper is 10 mm thick with no joins or bolted joints.
  • The driver of this RS1.6 stacker be highly productive thanks to changes in travel direction, higher cycle speeds and control of pallet handling operations. 
  • This ride-on stacker features powerful acceleration that offers a travel speed of up to 12 km/h for superior performance.
  • The motor and traction controllers of this Hyster stacker are equipped with forced air cooling, which contributes to high performance and efficiency.
  • This RS1.6 rider stacker features automatic speed reduction on adjustable turns, which provides smoother load handling and better directional control.
  • It has two different steering modes: It has standard steering and reverse steering as an option and mini levers for hydraulic functions at your fingertips.
  • This RS1.6 stacker is more comfortable, resulting in less driver fatigue, and provides greater ease of entry and exit access since it has a step located at just 297 mm high and a 470 mm entrance. The stacker also increases driver comfort with a large floor area (0.217 m2), which enables drivers to adopt different positions when operating the stacker, reducing fatigue on long shifts.
  • This stacker has an operator presence switch that guarantees that the driver's feet are always inside the driver's compartment.
  • The RS1.6 stacker has easy access for service interventions and its side panels are fastened with bolts, which can be removed for any service or replacements that the stacker needs and also has two diagnostic points conveniently located within the driver's compartment for easy connection. All fuses are also easily accessible.
  • The regenerative braking on the RS1.6 ride-on stacker recovers energy and increases the braking effect, helping to reduce maintenance costs.
  • This range of stackers is available in two different fork lengths to meet the requirements of demanding applications.