Hyster S1.0E pedestrian electric...
Hyster S1.0E pedestrian electric...
Hyster S1.0E pedestrian electric...

Hyster S1.0E pedestrian electric warehouse stacker

Hyster S1.0E pedestrian electric warehouse stacker

These Hyster S1.0E pedestrian stackers are robust and easy to control and manoeuvre in tight spaces. The S1.0E-1.2E series stackers offer load capacities of up to 1.2 tonne with low cost and reliable operation.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
3580 mm
Battery Capacity
24 / 150-200V/Ah


Pedestrian stackers help to improve productivity when storing and retrieving products in low-rise applications such as supermarket storage rooms and retail operations.

The S1.0E pedestrian stacker range is ideal for transporting products to or from a receiving dock or sorting area, for order picking, kit picking or assembly operations, for line feeding operations or for cold storage.

Hyster S1.0E electric pedestrian stacker features

  • This range of Hyster walk-behind stackers enables quick loading and retrieval of goods due to its excellent visibility through the mast.  Drivers can clearly see the loading arms when picking up and depositing loads. 
  • Its compact design enables easy handling and making turns in the smallest aisles.
  • The mid-height tiller arm and the head design make the S1.0E pedestrian stacker easy to operate.
  • This stacker has a maximum travel speed of 6 km/h. Speed is controlled with a natural thumb motion on the tiller throttle control.
  • The lift controls are so precise that the driver can easily handle loads of up to 1.2 tonne.
  • This range of Hyster S1.0E electric stackers comes with single-stage FFL (Full Free Lift) or two-stage No Free Lift (NFL) masts.
  • Its forks can be adjusted to an ergonomic working height for order picking.
  • Multiple options are available on the S1.0E pedestrian stacker range, such as keypad access, cold storage versions, different load and drive wheel options, load support rack, Hyster Tracker system and more.
  • The S1.0E stacker has a robust chassis and cover design. This Hyster stacker is easy to maintain and features quick-release covers. Its transmission is sealed for life and the service interval for changing the hydraulic oil and filter is 3000 hours.