Logitrans HLI stainless scissor...
Logitrans HLI stainless scissor...
Logitrans HLI stainless scissor pallet jack 1500 kg

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The HLI model is the scissor lift pallet jack developed by Logitrans with a 1500 kg capacity and manufactured with stainless steel materials to work in the most demanding environments.

Main characteristics



The pallet jack has a stainless tiller, piston pump, axles and anchor. The rest of the parts have chrome coating. With these specifications, it can be used in workplaces where stringent hygiene is required on surfaces that are in direct contact with handled products such as meat, fish or medicines.

These types of lifts offer the highest quality and safety through the Logitrans testing programme and its close collaboration with occupational hazard experts. Its protection for the operator includes centralisation of all control panels, safety stops on the drive wheel, tandem load wheels and foot guards.

Its use is recommended for the food industry where resistance to corrosion is essential in this work.

Further information about the Logitrans HLI scissor lift pallet jack:

  • Minimises the risk of bacterial attacks
  • Developed in environments with stringent hygiene demands
  • Stainless steel release lever
  • Closed forks
  • Easy cleaning
  • Robust structure
  • AISI 316L steel for the fork chassis
  • Long shelf life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Highly reliable cylinder structure