Logitrans Panther Maxi electric...
Logitrans Panther Maxi electric...
Logitrans Panther Maxi electric...
Logitrans Panther Maxi electric pallet jack 1800 kg

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The Panther Maxi is an electric pallet jack model manufactured by Logitrans with a load capacity of up to 1800 kg. The pallet jack stands out for its flexibility and efficiency, facilitating pallet movements in the most difficult spaces with a simple and silent system.

Main characteristics

Panther Maxi


These types of lifts offer the highest quality and safety through the Logitrans testing programme and its close collaboration with occupational hazard experts. 

This pallet jack model is respectful to the environment and delicately handles pallets and product movements. It has rounded corners and has been carefully designed to improve working conditions for operators in terms of ergonomics and safety.

Further information about the Logitrans Panther Maxi electric pallet jack:

  • In terms of performance, its travel speed, acceleration and deceleration are easy to adjust. 
  • It makes the best use of space thanks to its compact structure and the vertical position of the tiller.
  • Maintenance-free batteries 12V 115AH/20 h.
  • Engine brake and safety button that can be activated from any position.
  • Robust machine with low maintenance costs that prolong its useful life.