Hyster PC1.4 compact ride-on pallet jack
Hyster PC1.4 compact ride-on pallet jack
Hyster PC1.4 compact ride-on pallet jack
Hyster PC1.4 compact ride-on pallet jack

Hyster PC1.4 compact ride-on pallet jack

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The Hyster PC1.4 compact pedestrian pallet jack has compact dimensions, offering excellent manoeuvrability in congested areas and confined spaces.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
200 mm
Battery Capacity
24 / 80V/Ah


The Hyster PC1.4 pedestrian pallet jacks are the ideal pallet jacks for lorry loading and unloading operations and for internal transport of open and closed pallets over short distances. The PC1.4 pallet jacks are robust, powerful and reliable, designed to handle a wide variety of light to medium intensity warehouse applications.

Features of the Hyster PC1.4 compact pedestrian pallet jack

  • This compact electric pallet jack features a Combi MOSFET CC controller for traction and hydraulic controls.
  • The welded fork structure makes this PC1.4 pallet jack highly resistant to torsion and heavy loads.
  • In the event of collision, the components and batteries of the PC1.4 compact pallet jack are protected with a specially designed cover.
  • Features easy-to-use tiller head controls to improve load handling.
  • Standard anti-kickback system and stabiliser wheels to maximise stability on turns.
  • This Hyster compact pallet jack has single load wheels and entry/exit rollers to optimise pallet handling.
  • The tiller head of this Hyster PC1.4 pallet jack is ergonomically designed to offer maximum driver comfort.
  • The performance values of this pallet jack can be adjusted to suit specific operating conditions.
  • Its butterfly switches control the travel direction, speed and braking and enable smooth starting, controlled braking and acceleration.
  • This compact pallet jack features a very slow speed (glide) function for manoeuvring in dense areas.
  • On-board charger for on-site recharging and quick access for maintenance-free sealed battery replacement.
  • The PC1.4 offers easy access to the motor and its key components to reduce downtime.