Hyster P2.0S FBW electric pallet jack...
Hyster P2.0S FBW electric pallet jack...
Hyster P2.0S FBW electric pallet jack...

Hyster P2.0S FBW electric pallet jack with folding platform

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Hyster electric pallet jacks with folding platforms are designed to meet specific applications. The P2.0S FBW pallet jack features a powerful AC motor that provides excellent performance and proven reliability components.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Battery Capacity
24 / 210-500V/Ah


These robust Hyster P2.0S FBW pallet jacks have a low operating cost and can optimise the loading and unloading operations of vehicles and increase pallet transport rates over short or long distances.

Hyster P2.0S FBW platform pallet jack features 

  • The Hyster P2.0S FBW pallet jack has a robust and compact chassis that gives this electric pallet jack great acceleration, working at a speed of 12.0 km/h without load and 8.5 km/h with load and power steering and progressive rigidity on turns.
  • The construction of its forks (welded) gives this range of P2.0S FBW electric pallet jacks high resistance to torsion.
  • This Hyster pallet jack has a low maintenance AC motor, which helps to reduce operating costs.
  • The Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) on this pallet jack range offers a selection of different performance settings to provide the appropriate response to the most demanding applications.  This access can be selected by PIN code via an optional keyboard to improve warehouse management.
  • The maintenance requirements of this type of P2.0S FBW pallet jack are minimised, which reduces costs and associated downtime.  It has a diagnostic system for preventive maintenance communication.
  • The P2.0S FBW pallet jack has electronically controlled steering and operating modes that can be modified to suit application requirements, such as ride-on or pedestrian, with or without side arms raised.
  • This P2.0SE electric pallet jack is the ideal equipment for medium-intensity cycle applications and has mechanical steering. It also has a charger on board.