OCTOPUS 14 crawler platform
OCTOPUS 14 crawler platform
OCTOPUS 14 crawler platform
OCTOPUS 14 crawler platform

OCTOPUS 14 crawler platform

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Buy the OCTOPUS 14 model of crawler platform from Oil&Steel new. It has a telescopic arm that can work at a height of 14 m and a reach of 6.5 metres.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Lifting characteristics

Basket Dimensions
1400x700x1100 meters
Side Reach
6.5 meters


780 mm
1985 mm


The Oil&Steel Octopus range has a compact structure, facilitating work in extremely small and narrow spaces. The pantograph enables a perfectly vertical ascent and descent, making this model of lifting platforms a versatile solution that can perform the most complicated movements. 

Octopussy includes radio command remote control systems that enables the operator to control the movement of the platform without staying in the area in which it is operating, thus guaranteeing safety.

This lorry-mounted platform has several accessories that make it more versatile and adaptable to any rental service. These accessories include:

  • Fiberglass basket to replace the standard dim. 1400 x 700 x 1100 h mm
  • Machine waxed for sea transport
  • Single-phase electric pump 220 v/110 v ac 2.2 kW, with electrical control panel and battery charger powered from external/standard mains.
  • Light (60W) in the basket powered by the batteries supplied with 12V socket included
  • Kit 4 stabiliser support plates