Logitrans ELFR multifunction turner
Logitrans ELFR multifunction turner

Logitrans ELFR multifunction turner

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This Logitrans ELFR turner with multifunction trolley enables fixing and turning different elements such as tools, increasing the efficiency of operations while guaranteeing safety when handling elements that, due to their characteristics, complicate operators' work.

Main characteristics


Industry features

Load capacity
1000 KG


The multifunction turner is an efficient and flexible tool with height adjustment, turning and transport in one unit. The tilt degree and the rotation speed are easily adjusted. Acceleration and deceleration processes are precisely controlled during start and stop and the tilt function is automatically deactivated if the turn is made to a neutral position.

Like other Logitrans turners, it presents all the relevant information on a large touch screen that is extremely easy to use thanks to its simple and visual presentation. The error messages and actual position/rotation angle are displayed here. It offers the possibility of keeping a record of the operating time, current consumption, number of operations, overload record and battery status.

Finally, as it is a very resistant turner, with no relays or wearing parts, maintenance costs are very low.