Hyster H1.8FT diesel or LPG forklift
Hyster H1.8FT diesel or LPG forklift
Hyster H1.8FT diesel or LPG forklift
Hyster H1.8FT diesel or LPG forklift
Hyster H1.8FT diesel or LPG forklift

Hyster H1.8FT diesel forklift truck - GAM Online

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The Hyster Fortens™ H1.8FT series forklift offers first-class performance for many applications, with equipment adapted to minimise acquisition cost without compromising performance.

This Hyster range is available in Fortens or Fortens Advance configurations, with a 2.6 L diesel or 2.0 L LPG motor. These forklifts are robust and reliable and are the best tools for the most intensive 24-hour operations in the logistics and distribution sectors.

Main characteristics

Engine type
Diesel or LPG
Motor brand
Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / PSI 2.0L LPG
Machine type
Diesel forklift trucks

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
5500 mm

Other features

Electronic Powershift 1-speed / DuraMatch 1-speed


A compact and reliable internal combustion (ic) forklift with the capacity to carry out the most intensive jobs

The Fortens forklift range features industry-leading innovations that deliver what matters most to your business - maximum uptime, maximum productivity and ease of service.

The H1.8FT Fortens forklift, Hyster's most compact range, is designed to work in applications of all kinds, indoors and outdoors, with a low acquisition cost.

The features of the Hyster H1.8FT diesel and LPG counterbalanced forklifts are:

  • With a robust chassis and a highly resistant mast design, this forklift optimises load lifting conservation at great heights while maintaining great visibility and excellent stability.
  • When choosing your forklift, you can choose between an electronic powershift transmission or a DuraMatch™ transmission:
  1. The standard Fortens model, which has electronic powershift transmission.
  2. The Fortens Advance model has the DuraMatch™ transmission, which provides smoother direction changes to eliminate shock loads and extend the service life of clutch kits, brake and tyre service life and avoids wear on the transmission.
  • All the powertrains in this range of Hyster H1.8FT forklifts are controlled, protected and managed by the on-board industrial computer, Pacesetter VSM™, which has a CANbus communications network.
  • The VSM ensures maximum continuous uptime and maximum operational safety by being able to quickly and accurately locate and correct problems, make direct repairs and minimise costly "part swapping".
  • Hyster's exclusive maintenance-free stability mechanism (HSM) improves lateral stability without affecting the forklift's movement over uneven surfaces.
  • Added to all this is an innovative driver's compartment design with easy access, excellent all-round visibility and conveniently located controls.
  • Full rear-opening, one-piece built-in bonnet service access contributes to fast and efficient maintenance. The simplified wiring and hydraulics design offers very easy access to components, facilitating and reducing service times for unscheduled repairs as well as regular maintenance.