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Electric articulated platform EAB16RT

Plataforma articulada eléctrica Magni 16M EAB16RT

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The EAB16RT articulated boom lift, specially designed for indoor work, has an integrated high-capacity battery, making it a quiet and emission-free tool. In addition, its four-wheel drive makes it highly stable for work on uneven terrain, ensuring safe and effective work. With the articulated platform Magni, operations will be more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

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16 m

250 kg

Product Details
Height Elevation
16 meters
Load capacity
250 KG
Battery Capacity
Battery charger
Platform Height
2.55 meters
7780 KG
Maximum range
8.74 meters
Battery type
Lead-acid battery
2.3 mm
Platform length
7.05 meters
Platform width
2.33 meters
Ground clearance
310 mm
Turning radius (inside)
2.92 meters
Turning radius (outside)
4.49 meters
Travel speed (closed configuration)
6 km/h
Travel speed (working configuration)
1.1 km/h
Max. working slope
315/55 D20
Max. basket height
14.07 meters
Point of articulation
7.25 meters
Height below ground
1.06 meters
Subway reach
7.25 meters
Max. lift capacity (stored)
Max. wind speed
12.50 m/s
Turret rotation
360° (continued)
Type of jib
Jib length
4.2 meters
Vertical boom rotation
Basket width
0.79 meters
Basket length
1.83 meters
Basket rotation
Tail swing
0.19 meters
Hydraulic tank capacity
145 L

The Magni EAB16RT electric articulating platform is an exceptionally versatile lifting machine designed to address a wide range of applications in the construction industry and other sectors. This platform combines efficiency, safety and maneuverability in a single package, making it an essential tool for those seeking safe and efficient lifting on high work sites.

With a maximum working height of 16 meters and a load capacity of up to 230 kilograms, the Magni EAB16RT provides access to elevated areas effectively and safely. Its horizontal reach of up to 8 meters allows operators to reach hard-to-reach locations with ease, making it the ideal choice for construction, maintenance and repair tasks on tall buildings, industrial structures and more.

The standout feature of this platform is its all-electric operation, which not only reduces emissions and noise, but also offers reliable performance and lower operating costs compared to traditional internal combustion machines. This environmentally friendly and economical approach makes it especially attractive to companies and operators concerned about the environment and cost savings.

The Magni EAB16RT is equipped with a robust articulated boom and an intuitive control system for easy operation and maneuverability, even in confined spaces. In addition, it incorporates advanced safety features, such as tilt and height limit sensors, to ensure protection of both the operator and the job site.

The Magni EAB16RT electric articulated boom lift is the optimal choice for those looking for an efficient, versatile and environmentally friendly lifting solution. Whether in construction, building maintenance or various industrial applications, the EAB16RT offers the reliability and performance needed to carry out work at height safely and efficiently, backed by Magni 's quality and experience in the lifting field.

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