Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty electric...
Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty electric...
Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty electric...

Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty electric pedestrian pallet jack

Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty electric pedestrian pallet jack

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This Hyster P2.5 pedestrian pallet jack combines energy efficiency, low maintenance and proven reliability to offer one of the lowest life-cycle costs on the market.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Lift Height (Industry)
120 mm
Battery Capacity
24 / 300V/Ah


This range of pedestrian pallet jacks has powerful motor speeds and quick response, ensuring that operators can continue to work intensively in demanding applications, with a long battery life and the high performance manoeuvrability of Hyster handlers. 

The Hyster P2.5 is a robust pedestrian pallet jack and is designed for intensive pallet transport and for loading and unloading vehicles working indoors.

Features of the Hyster P2.5 heavy-duty pedestrian pallet jack 

  • The powerful SEM traction motor provides this P2.5 pedestrian electric pallet jack with superior performance so that it can move a greater number of loads per hour.
  • It has a highly durable chassis, with built-in forks to maintain the pallet jack's high rigidity, which enables this electric pallet jack to handle heavy loads over long distances. Its heavy-duty tandem load wheels provide great stability, making it the most suitable electric pallet jack for heavy loads on uneven surfaces.
  • This Hyster P2.5 pedestrian pallet jack features a battery compartment with a reinforced bumper section that protects the pallet jack against collision.
  • The power of this P2.5 pallet jack is transmitted through helical gears positioned in an oil bath to reduce wear from normal use of the components.
  • The adjustable performance settings of Hyster manual handlers enable the P2.5 electric pallet jack to be configured according to the driver and intensity of the application.
  • The regenerative braking on this Hyster pedestrian pallet jack increases braking efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.
  • It has an on-board diagnostic screen that provides quick notification of maintenance requirements.
  • Its operating costs are minimised with recommended service intervals of 1000 hours.