Hyster P2.0HL electric stock...
Hyster P2.0HL electric stock...
Hyster P2.0HL electric stock replenishing pallet jack

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The Hyster P2.0HL stock replenishing pallet jack adds to the Hyster family of forklifts with proven performance and excellent manoeuvrability in demanding applications, with low operating costs.

Main characteristics

Engine type

Industry features

Battery Capacity
24 / 200V/Ah


The Hyster P2.0HL stock replenishing pallet jack is a pedestrian pallet jack with supplemental lift with which the pallet can be positioned at the operator's preferred working height to facilitate stock replenishing on warehouse shelves.

This P2.0HL pallet jack is designed to support lower-intensity order picking or to replenish low-level inventory on the shelves, for indoor stock transport and for loading and unloading operations, it is ideal for manufacturing, retail (DIY stores and supermarkets) and logistics operations.

Hyster P2.0HL pallet jack features 

  • This powerful Hyster P2.0HL pallet jack is highly durable due to the robust chassis design, welded profile of the forks and the battery compartment fully enclosed in a steel box.
  • This type of P2.0HL repositioning pallet jack can position the load with precision. It has a 2000-kg load capacity on the load arms and 700 kg on the forks.  This P2.0HL stock replenishing unit also has an initial lift and an additional fork lift and offers lifting capacity of up to 780 mm.
  • The powerful 1.2 kW AC traction motor, with MOSFET controller on this Hyster P2.0HL pallet jack provides excellent traction and hydraulic performance, with progressive speed control.  This performance helps to provide maximum support for demanding warehouse operations and contributes to lower costs through improved energy efficiency.
  • The low maintenance AC motor of this P2.0HL pallet jack helps to reduce operating costs.
  • Maintenance downtime and associated maintenance costs are reduced due to easy access to key components.  The use of CANbus technology on this P2.0HL pallet jack and its on-board diagnostics screen quickly provide warnings about any routine maintenance requirements.